Monday 5 March 2018

Music Monday - A

If you read my February Favourites post, you might already know about this series; if you didn't then all is forgiven, because you're here now. Music Monday is going to be a weekly walk through the alphabet, guided by some lesser-known bands and artists that I happen to really like. They may be local to me, or people my Spotify artist-radio has brought into my life, or bands that my friends have recommended. Side note, is there anything more lovely than when somebody tells you they think you'll really like a band that they like, because it's your type of music, and they're right? Anyway, kicking off (obviously) with the letter A, here we go...

Angel Olsen // no relation to the Olsen twins, as far as I know, Angel is originally from St Louis, Missouri, and she's what I would describe mostly as cool. Like, much cooler than me and probably too cool for me to be listening to, given that I'm a secret Boyzone fan. She has a beautiful and really unique voice, and a lot of her music is really soothing.
Favourite song: Unfucktheworld
Where to listen: HERE

Stephanie Knipe of Adult Mom, photographed by Daniel Dorsa.
Image used with permission.

Adult Mom // this is a solo project/collaborative band from New York, self-described as 'queer-indie-bittersweet-romantic-pop-music' which I think fits them pretty well, and fronted by Stephanie Knipe. They remind me a little tiny bit of Daughter, in that calm and quiet way but with a definitive New York edge. Again, very cool.
Favourite song: J Station
Where to listen: HERE

Aaron Keylock // I can't get over the amount of talent Aaron has at the age of 18; he's like a wizard on the guitar and his songs are boss too. It's blues-y rock, and it's amazing - no doubt there's huge things in his future, and I'd definitely recommend giving him a listen!
Favourite song: Down
Where to listen: HERE

Are there any lesser-known bands beginning with the letter A that you love? Let me know, and if you have any recommendations for people I can feature during the rest of this series, please share! You can comment below or email me at

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