Wednesday 17 January 2018

My dream hotel stays around the world

It's not often that I stay in a hotel - I'm more of an Air B n B girl (sign up with my link n get dolla off, yo: but sometimes I see a hotel and just get such an urge to book it. So here are some of my dream hotel stays around the world...

When we were in Prague, we came across Fred & Ginger / The Dancing House, which truly stands out amongst the rest of the city's architecture. It's modern and a strange shape and stunning to look at - and it's now a hotel, and all the rooms are really luxurious, all glass and grey and plush. Soooo dreamy and the view is to die for. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

Ever since I found out that Armani hotels existed (there's one in Milan and one in Dubai) I've wanted to stay in one - it would have to be the Milan one for me, unless I was in Dubai on a stop over to somewhere else, but they're both gorgeous and even the 'classic suite' is more classy than any hotel room I've ever seen. There's a spa and a restaurant and from above, the hotel itself is in the shape of a letter A. Honestly remarkable. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

The Byron at Byron is a hotel that's set in 45 acres of Australian rainforest but still only a 10 minute walk from the beach - and it's just beautiful. There's an infinity pool and wooden walkways through lush green spaces, and while the rooms aren't anything particularly special it's the location that's drawing me here. Imagine the views - imagine the 'gram. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

Photo included with permission from Hotel Not Hotel
Amsterdam isn't particularly somewhere I'm dying to go back to in a hurry (although it is a gorgeous city, just a bit expensive for my liking) but I've fallen for Hotel Not Hotel with its Kevin Bacon Bar, rustic decor and funky themed rooms. Okay it has shared bathrooms but you can't win 'em all and I don't think it would put me off that much - if I do end up going to Amsterdam any time in the near future, this is where I wanna stay. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

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