Monday 19 March 2018

Music Monday - B

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the first instalment of this series, which went live 2 weeks ago; if you've not read it yet, you can check it out here. After a short hiatus I'm back with, of course, letter B for week two. Enjoy!

Bad Machines // these guys are a post-hardcore rock band from Lincolnshire, and their music is just my kind of thing - they've only got one single out currently (A Life of Chasing Butterflies) but seem to have new stuff in the works, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else they bring out!
Where to listen: HERE or HERE

The Buffalo Riot Pale Blue Oceans album artwork.
The Buffalo Riot // the first band of this series who are local to me, but I promise I'm not biased; genuinely, this lot are amazing. All of their songs are beautifully written, and catchy in that lovely way that means you'll probably hear them in your sleep, and you can tell how personal they are. Pale Blue Oceans is an amazing album but a little bird tells me there's a brand new album out later on in the year - and you definitely want to keep your eye out. Or your ears. Both, really.
Favourite song: Water In Your Blood and Something To Believe In (I can't choose between them. I honestly did try)
Where to listen: HERE or HERE

Billie Marten // oh her voice gives me goosebumps; the high notes are flawless and you'd never guess that Billie (Isabella Sophie Tweddle) actually hails from North Yorkshire. She was nominated for the BBC Sound of 2016 award which is amazing, and her songs are absolutely stunning - so soothing and calm and heartfelt. She might be one of the more well-known artists featured in this series, but I still felt like I had to put her in here. What an angel.
Favourite song: Milk and Honey
Where to listen: HERE or HERE

See you next week for the letter C - hit me up with recommendations, too!

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