Thursday 22 March 2018

Esme Bridie // Today It Rains

Sometimes the world works in a funny old way, and a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a Liverpool-based record label asking if I wanted to review Esme Bridie's debut album, Today It Rains. Little did they know, I've actually known Esme since she was born and have had the privilege of watching her grow as both a person and an artist over the years - so I jumped at the chance to get my hands on her album. I remember when my family went to stay with Esme's family in America, years and years ago, and Esme would come into the living room with her guitar and a little notebook full of lyrics and show us her newest song - and now here she is with an album out tomorrow. I couldn't be any prouder, and I was honoured to be asked to review the album.

album artwork by Maya Lily Cross
Esme's voice is honeyed perfection, and she still has a hint of the same innocent sound she had when we were listening to her songs in the living room in 2009 but it's more refined, it's more mature and every note is beautiful. Today It Rains is incredible from start to finish - every song bringing something new to the table, every beat as good as the last. Esme's influences include the likes of Carole King and Leonard Cohen and while that's definitely noticeable, it's also easy to forget because of her unique spin on music and lyrics; soft harmonies and beautiful poetic words that are just right, without being cliché, catchy riffs and and a voice like butter.

Esme's talent is, and always has been, something that astounds me and it comes as no surprise that this album is as close to perfect as a debut album could be. It's poetic and calm, even the more upbeat ones, and it resonates - the composition of each song, too, is incredible to me. How do some people just know how to do that? My favourite songs are Tower of Regret and The Queen Bee, but honestly, they're all amazing.

we've all come a long way since fancy dress in the 90s...
I am so so so proud of Esme, and can't wait to celebrate tonight at the launch of Today It Rains in Liverpool; the album is out on vinyl (so cool) and available to download - you can find Esme doing all sorts of cool musical things on YouTube, and her own website is here if you want to know anything more.

If you know of any cool upcoming debut albums, let me know - I'm all about shouting out new music!

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