Sunday 28 January 2018

My favourite blog photo props and where to buy them

When it comes it taking good blog photos, I think having nice props is really important - that's not to say that photos without props are rubbish, because they're not, but I always prefer my photos to have something else going on too. I thought I'd put together a post about my favourite blog photo props and where to buy them as well as showing you some of my favourite pictures that I've taken for my blog.

Postcard from Paperchase; mug from Firebox; rings from Primark
For backgrounds, I often use a blanket (specifically this one from Dunelm which we got as a #CarnLIVal raffle prize) because they add some interesting texture but they tend to be all one colour so it doesn't take too much away from the subject of the image. Plain white furniture (desks or this £5 side table from IKEA) works well for this too, and for a FREE alternative you can get wallpaper samples from B&Q that look like floorboards or tiles. I've also used wrapping paper in the past and, one time, the inside of my bath because it's plain white. I have a box that I use to store my PR samples in as they come, and I drape a blanket over that and across the floor to form a makeshift studio which works really well for me. When I asked on Twitter, Charlotte told me about Captured by Lucy who makes vinyl photo backdrops which are tabletop size and although they're a bit pricey, they're a great idea. Bekah recommended these big foam boards which are a great idea because they're a blank canvas to work with.

Background is a wallpaper sample from B&Q
So that's backgrounds covered - but what about the other stuff? Homeware works really well: mugs, plates, those little plaques with quotes on which you can always get in card shops. You don't need to spend a lot either, which is good because you probably want a range of things to make sure your images don't get too repetitive. If you live in the North (ish) of England you might have Home Bargains near you, and I swear by there for blog photo props - I have a heart shaped plate from there which looks so cute in photos, and their candles are SO cheap but look really good as photo props. Poundland are pretty good for homeware, and supermarkets too, and Primark. I recently got some monogrammed bits in the Anthropologie sale, and I also tend to grab mugs or flowers or candles from around the house, too - you don't necessarily need to go out and buy things just for blog pictures! Everyone went through a phase of using light boxes in their pictures, which you can get just about anywhere these days, and carnival lights look brilliant too

Monogrammed coaster from Anthropologie;
rings as above; bells from Paperchase;
paperclips from Wilkos
Little bits to again add texture and interest - confetti, if you can stand it, and little gems and tiny jingle bells, and sweets/jewellery/petals. I love big sparkly rings for this, and you can get them in Primark so they won't break the bank. Stationery works, too, especially rose gold stationery (duh) - Wilkos always have cute paperclips and again, pretty cheap.

Photo taken on a white IKEA desk; confetti from Tiger;
trinket dish from Next; candle from Diptyque
I also tend to try and theme the props I use in images; if I'm taking a picture for a travel-related post, I might use my passport as a prop or some foreign money - for beauty posts the images might have a lipstick or make-up brush in the background, and so on and so forth. My images aren't great, but they've definitely improved since I started my blog way back when!

*edit* I have created a NEW VERSION OF THIS POST with links to 50 blog photo props you can buy right now. Thank me later.

So that's where I get my blog photo props etc from - let me know below what you like to use in yours and feel free to send me pics on Twitter.

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  1. h sample wall paper is such a good idea! I bought some card from hobby craft which was great but samples are even better because they are free! Also I like the texture thing, I will often photograph on my white bed sheets! Really cute post! xx

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