Tuesday 23 January 2018

Pride around the world

When I was approached to do a post about LGBT holidays, I considered one of two options; a post like this one, or a post about how it might be scary to travel to certain destinations as a member of the LGBT community. But Sam already did a post a bit like that and anyway, it never really bothers me personally; like maybe people did point and shout at us in Krakow, but I still had the most wonderful holiday and came away unscathed. So instead I decided to do a post about the different pride festivals around the world - judging by pictures and what other people have said, because I've only ever been to pride in Liverpool and Blackpool, but you know...

It's important to note that pride was born out of the Stonewall riots of '69 in New York, which is fascinating to read about if you're interested, and the march organised by the Chicago Gay Liberation the following year which paved the way for the bright and beautiful celebrations we have today. 

Tel Aviv in Israel hosts a HUGE pride parade every year, since 1993, and it's meant to be one of the biggest in Asia. It looks so hot and colourful and exciting, and Tel Aviv is somewhere I've always wanted to visit for the amazing culture and history it has to offer so I imagine the combination of the two is incredible.

One of the biggest pride parades is in Berlin; it's been going since 1979, and in 2012 there was over 700,000 people there making it one of the largest pride parades in the WORLD as well as one of Berlin's largest events.

Photo used with permission from Vanessa Lee Butz
Poland, my favourite country ever, has an interesting history when it comes to pride; Warsaw has the oldest pride parade, which only dates back to 2001 showing how vast the differences are from country to country in terms of celebrating the LGBT+ community. Warsaw pride was 'forbidden' in 2005, but continued regardless, testament to the strength of the Polish LGBT+ people. Kraków, despite the attitude of a lot of the residents I have personally come across, also has a pride parade - and so do a few other cities, by Warsaw is the main one.

I've been to pride 3 times; once when I was 14 and thought I was completely straight and my friend's mum was running a stall at Blackpool pride, and she packed us all off in the car with a promise of sunshine and freebies. It was tiny, as Pride goes, just a tent with some stalls and a field with a stage and a couple of fairground rides, and we snuck off to the arcades in the afternoon to spend our 2p coins and eat candyfloss in the sun. Liverpool Pride, the two times I've been, is much bigger and busier in comparison, and tends to be full of a much younger crowd - but they have good music, the event itself is free, and the bars are cheap, even if it does take 40 minutes to get a drink sometimes...

Please tell me all about the Pride festivals/parades/parties you've been to around the world! I'd love to know. If you're looking at LGBT holidays, why not plan it to coincide with one of the amazing pride celebrations that take place the world over?

This post is written in collaboration with James Villas - as always, though, all words/thoughts/opinions are my own - please see my disclaimer for more info if need be!

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