Friday 15 February 2019

50 blog photo props you can buy right now

I once made a blog post about the photo props that I use, and it was quite popular (you can read that here) so I thought I'd make a post with a specific list of 50 blog photo props you can buy right now, with links and everything, so you can really up your flatlay game for 2019. Enjoy!

Plastic gems - mine were from the wedding section in Poundland!
Confetti - I have some iridescent confetti from Home Bargains.
Fake plants.
Real plants - your local garden is probably best but in case you can't get there, click here
The other kind of glasses
Costume jewellery.
Washi tape - you can sometimes get this in Poundland as well.
Pretty paperclips - (and pins etc etc etc).
Trinket dish - I have soooo many from all sorts of places but Etsy have loads!

Trays - click here
Slippers - Primark ones are spot on but for something a bit more wow, Etsy have some!
Fake flowers - you can get these cheap in the likes of Home Bargains etc.
Bunting - click here
Paint swatch cards - okay I can't really link to these but you can get them free in B&Q
Headphones - click here
Pens - click here
Mugs - the cuter the better, really (click here) or classy, I suppose, whatever your vibe is (click here)

Camera - click here
Tweezers - click here
Perfume - click here
Postcards - from places you've been or just cute ones! click here
Paper straws - click here
Badges/pins - click here (I have a bee & a llama from this store) also click here and also here
Fairy lights - obv available everywhere but click here
Polaroids - I get mine from the wonderful people at LALALAB; use code PGW6BQ4F for £5 off
Chocolates - click here for my fave ever chocolates in case you wanted to know
Shells/stones - from the beach if there's one nearby? click here if not

Cotton buds - click here (also Poundland though)
Ornaments - click here
Make up brushes - click here
Hair clips - click here (what a throwback)
Ribbon - click here
Coasters - available cheap as chips but if you want boujie, click here
Books - click here
Beads - click here
Sweets - in the above picture I've used bon bons, just for reference (click here)
Magazines - old (click here) or new, from your newsagents or whatever

Nail varnish - click here
Eyelash curlers - click here
Placemats - click here
Greetings cards - I stock up in Tiger whenever I'm there but also click here
Jingle bells - click here
Sunglasses - click here
Purse - click here
Scrunchies - Primark always have amazing ones but also click here
Tiny pegs - click here
Biscuits - click here

Whew, there you go. I've linked to everything I can for your convenience but a lot of things can be bought in cheap shops and supermarkets so it's worth checking them out if you're blogging on a budget! I also keep a lot of my smaller blog props handy in my blog kit bag from Lyd's Etsy store for bloggers and it's a god-send honestly.

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