Sunday 17 February 2019

The things I bought in Warsaw

When it comes to visiting Poland, one of my favourite things to do is visit shops that we don't necessarily have at home (or at least anywhere near where I live) so I thought I'd show you little haul of the things I bought on my recent trip to Warsaw. Do people still like haul posts? I do so you're getting one anyway. Enjoy!

Bath & Body Works

The U.K does not have Bath & Body Works, which saddens me a lot - but Warsaw does. There are actually two stores in Warsaw, and none in the rest of Poland; the one I've been to is Złote Tarasay, the mall just behind the Palace and Culture & Science, and it's not a very big store but the staff are lovely and it has all the B&BW goodness you could want. I didn't buy any candles, purely because I have so many in my collection that are just gathering dust, but I did go hard on the Pocketbacs. I bought eight, because it was 4 for 40zloty, so I spent around £16 on 8 hand sanitisers. Which is fair game, I reckon. I got two of the Warm Vanilla Sugar ones (my favourite) and the other scents I picked up were Fresh Watermelon, Strawberry Lemon, Watermelon Lemonade, I'm Really a Mermaid, Eucalyptus Spearmint, and Honolulu Sun. My hands will be clean & smelling delicious for ages and frankly I'm buzzing about it.

Flatlay of bath and body works hand sanitisers

I also bought some Ziaja moisturiser in the supermarket which was the only skincare I bought during the whole trip which is WEIRD for me. But I love their stuff and this is no exception.

Flying Tiger

I also couldn't go to Poland without raiding Flying Tiger; there are stores in the U.K but none anywhere near me, so whenever I'm abroad I tend to pop in and see what they've got. I wasn't disappointed, let me tell you. I picked up a to-do list pad and a personal work journal, which are perfect for helping me stay organised on my freelance journey, as well as a recipe pad for Holly and some greetings cards, which I always stock up on as they're really cute and I use them in blog photos as well as for their intended purpose. I also bought a pink plastic bowl with llamas on it. Why not?

Flatlay of notebooks from flying tiger

flatlay of stationery from flying tiger

pink plastic bowl with llamas on


I didn't bring much food back at all this time, because there wasn't much room in my case; I brought one bag of bake rolls back with me but I ate them on the plane, so the old food that actually made it to my house was 12 of the KarMel Czeko Tubkas which are basically the consistency of chocolate spread but the flavour of caramac and I love them SO MUCH. You can get it in jars as well but it doesn't ever taste as good. Trust me, if you're in Poland pick one of these up in the supermarket or corner shop - they're about 3zloty each which is around 60p.

karmel czeko tubkas from poland


We have loads of magnets in our kitchen from all over the world, so I picked up a gorgeous wooden one in a souvenir shop alongside a postcard for my mum, because she collects them and has hundreds in boxes and albums. I can't remember exactly what I paid for these but it was definitely really cheap. I also got a mason jar from the Hard Rock Café with 'Warsaw' on it which is so cool to me - it was my first time in a Hard Rock despite always wanting to go, and I got an amazing cocktail in one of these glasses then got to take one home. The cocktail with the souvenir glass was 55zloty, so just over a tenner, which in my eyes is SO worth it.

flatlay of a postcard, mason jar and magnet bought in warsaw

So there's a little haul of everything I bought in Warsaw, in case you wanted to know!

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