Wednesday 8 November 2017

Free things to do in Prague

Every city has a whole host of things you can do without spending a penny (or cent, or koruna) so we decided to check out some of the free things to do in Prague. I knew not all of them would be great, so I wanted to share my thoughts here so you make your own mind up as to whether you should spend your time here, or in a bar somewhere drinking beer that's less than a quid per pint.

Grotta // we found this on Atlas Obscura (not an #AD, just a cracking little website) and we knew we wanted to go and see it - turns out it was a five minute walk from our apartment in Prague 10, nestled in a lovely park. It's an artificial cave, made in the 1800s by a millionaire and renovated in 2011, which has a fountain and crumbling walls and perfect photo opportunities. Hands down one of the most weird and wonderful things I've ever seen abroad, and one of the best free things to do in Prague.

Man Hanging Out // we did actually go out of our way to find this statue of Sigmund Freud hanging from a building, but if you're in the area (the interception of Husova and Skorepka) anyway you just need to look up. It's a bit meh - you can't actually tell it's Freud, and it's just a statue really, but worth tilting your head up if you're there just to say you've seen it!

Piss Sculpture // we'd heard of this and managed to find it, with the help of Google maps, in a little courtyard where the Kafka museum is. It's pretty strange but also pretty cool, and there's a little gingerbread shop in the same courtyard so everything smells AMAZING. This one I would say is worth a visit to - if only for the next stop on this list...

Viewpoint // this one doesn't have an official name, but when we were visiting the the aforementioned Piss Sculpture I happened to notice a little gate between two buildings - at first glance it seemed to be nothing more than a car park but something told me to check it out anyway and so we did, only to be rewarded with an unobstructed view of the river and the bridge. There were two other couples down there and we all ended up doing mini photo shoots on the wall, and it was so serene and lovely. This is one of the BEST free things to do in Prague.

Žižkov TV Tower // we got a taxi here, like right to the tower itself, which in retrospect was a stupid move. The tower has giant babies crawling up it but if you're right at the base of the tower you can barely see them - best to stop few roads away if you want to see them properly. Pretty cool, but just driving past would have been good enough for me I reckon.

Prague Meridian // if you're in the old town square, you'll definitely see this so it's not like you'll have to go out of your way - we could barely see it as they were building a stage for a festival, but it's pretty cool. They used to use it to tell the time and it's just a bit of gold on the floor, but interesting nonetheless. It looks amazing when the sun hits it perfectly!

John Lennon Wall // you'll be fighting off other tourists but this one is well worth a visit for the photo opportunities, buskers, jaw-dropping art work - it's so colourful and bright and everyone seemed so happy to be there. Plus it's only a few minutes walk from the Charles Bridge, which is probably the most iconic tourist spot in Prague and therefore not included in this list. There is a pub just round the corner from the wall which is pricier than other but has loads of Beatles memorabilia and it's a got a nice vibe.

Fred & Ginger // also known as the dancing houses, these are two buildings that apparently look like they're dancing. They don't, really, but they're funky and cool to look at - I wanted to sneak upstairs to see the view from the inside but alas, we'd probably have got into trouble; it's a really posh hotel now, and it's definitely now on my list of dream hotel stays.

There's the obvious things like the astronomical clock and of course the Charles Bridge, and there's some other free bits we didn't get round to seeing and doing - but here's some free things to do in Prague that we did do, so you can decide if you wanna do them or not! Find hotels in Prague HERE.


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  3. This is cute. Looks like you guys had an awesome time. It's nice to read a post about the free things to do in Prague rather than the touristy things that cost you a years worth of wages. Can't wait to see where you go next.

    Ffi | The Essence of Red

  4. Aw I did a few of these when I was in Prague but I wish I'd had something like this to hand before I went! The view from inside the TV tower is worth the price I think, though I agree the crawling babies aren't that great. I'd add the bigger crawling babies to this list though! They're the same side of the river as the John Lennon wall and make a great photo opportunity if you're able to climb up onto them!

  5. Oh wow the dancing house/houses look so cool! I love architectural things like that :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode