Monday 6 November 2017

My new in beauty first impressions

Let me preface this post by saying these things aren't necessarily new releases, they're just things that are new to me or that I've recently been sent. Without further ado, here's what I've got in my new-in beauty stash and my first impressions on them!

Urban Decay Trouble Maker is a mascara that's meant to be sex-proof, and ever since they sent it over I've been planning to test those claims out but to be honest, I just don't like the mascara. My lashes are straight, short and stumpy so I need something that can do it all, and this just doesn't - all it seems to do is make them look black. I'm gonna try it a few more times, though, because there's been plenty of mascaras that I've hated at first but then gone on to love (cough cough Too Faced Better Than Sex).

Nivea sent me a few products, one being their deodorant in this fancy limited edition can made in collaboration with Matthew Williamson which is, really, just a deodorant - but it does its job and smells nice, and I'd definitely buy it again. The can is one that you can 'lock', too, so there's no chance of it accidentally spraying all over your bag if something is leaning on it! They also sent me the Express Hydration body lotion which is really hydrating and doesn't irritate the skin at all, so it's perfect if you have eczema or sensitive skin like me; as well as this, they sent over their Q10 plus C anti-wrinkle eye cream which is being donated to my mother, an eye cream connoisseur, who might do a review if I ask her nicely.

Essentialle are a luxury French skincare brand who have recently launched in the U.K (find them here) and I was lucky enough to receive one of their facial oils - they sent me the Revival Nectar, which retails for £70 and is jam packed with ingredients to rehydrate dry skin and leave it feeling plump. It's reaaallly thick as facial oils go but smells amazing and feels nice; I'll update you if I notice any amazing changes in my skin.

Pixie are often sending out little boxes of goodies, and I've had two recently; one had some of the Glow Tonic To Go pads in, which are cotton pads pre-soaked with their coveted glow tonic. They're stronger than the glow tonic so not something I'd use every day or anything, but perfect if your skin really needs some oomph and I do really like them. They also sent a bunch of lip products including three of the Matte Lustre Lipsticks which are pigmented, nourishing and oh so pretty. I can't wait to wear them some more - selfies to come on Twitter I'm sure!

Crabtree & Evelyn sent me some goodies from their Goatmilk & Oat range, which is perfect for people with sensitive skin. It smells so nice and clean, and if you know me you'll know that their hand cream is one of the only ones I like - the little tubes are so easy to chuck in your bag and they soak in so quickly. There's a body lotion, too, which is lovely and again soaks in really quick, so it's perfect if you're in a rush. The hand cream is in the bathroom for when we run out of our current one, but I've tried a bit and it's so nourishing as well as doing its job.

As always, thank you to the lovely brands who send me products to review! If anyone wants to see in-depth posts about any of these, let me know :)

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