Friday 3 November 2017

European brands I wish we had in the U.K

Inspired by all the travelling I've done this year, I thought I'd put together a post about the brands I typically purchase from when I'm abroad that we can't get (easily) over here. This post encompasses beauty and food, my two biggest loves, and has brands from Poland, Germany and a other places. Carry on reading to find out which European brands I wish we had in the U.K - and if there's any brands I've missed out that you wish you could get in Asda rather than a Spanish supermarket, let me know!


Firstly in terms of food, it has to be 7 Days who make the most amazing snacks called Pizza Bake Rolls - they also come in tomato and olive, cheese, garlic, bacon, mushroom and some other more fancy flavours. They're so more-ish, smell and taste to die for, and just generally make me so happy. Occasionally these appear in Asda, and Polish supermarkets tend to have them, but abroad they're so cheap and easy to get you hands on. They also make filled croissants, pastries, cakes, bread and all sorts of other goodness.

Another coveted crisp brand we buy multiple packets from whenever and wherever we see them is Vico who make pizza monster munch. Very very different to the monster munch we're used to in England, these are flat and come in plain and cheese flavours too, but nothing comes close to the pizza version. Sooooooo good - again, we can get them in the Polish supermarket occasionally but other than that, England is very much lacking.

My favourite chocolate to get on holiday is Dumle - specifically the original Dumle snacks which are in a red wrapper, and is soft but also sort of crunchy toffee covered in milk chocolate. I absolutely LOVE these; apparently they originate from Sweden, but we've had them in Latvia and Germany. Definitely one to try if you ever spot them (and bring some home for me, please).


I've tried to narrow the beauty section down, and top of the list has to be Ziaja. Now, I think you can possibly get this in Ireland (someone please confirm or deny) but in England, the only place I've ever seen it is behind the counter in a tiny Polish supermarket on Smithdown Road in Liverpool. It's dirt cheap but honestly some of the best skincare I've ever tried - they have so many different ranges and products, and I've never had a bad experience with their stuff. 10/10 would and do recommend, to everyone.

In Spain and Portugal, Sam and I get stuff from a brand called Bonté which is just absolutely lovely, not too expensive, and has so many products in various ranges. There's truly something for everyone and most things I've tried have been absolutely amazing.

Not that packaging is the most important thing, but Balea products are so nicely packaged that I'm always drawn to them - they're a German brand, available in other places too (we got stuff in Prague) and it smells amazing/does its job/is just generally really nice.

My holy grail foundation is the 24h foundation by Catrice, and although its the sister brand of Essence we just can't get our hands on it over here - but everything I've tried from there has been absolutely boss and it's not expensive at all, with the foundation working out at around 7 quid.

Honourable mention to Develey burger sauce and Alverde primer - what European brands do you love? Tell meeeee!

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