Saturday 11 November 2017

Newton Faulkner live in Liverpool

I'm really getting into reviewing live music, and maybe I don't do it in the same way that music mags and publications do but when has my blog ever followed any rules? When I was offered the chance to attend & review Newton Faulkner's gig in Liverpool, I jumped at the chance - one of my best memories is driving all the way to Wales one December with my uncle, and Newton Faulkner being on the playlist. Music has the power to evoke feelings and memories you might otherwise have forgotten, and live music especially. Here's how it went...

We arrived at the box office to pick up our tickets and made our way inside, grabbing a pint each (thank u O2 Priority for your 2-for-1 offer) and heading for the balcony. We decided to stay up there for the gig were there are seats and a bar, because it's not dance-around-til-you're-sweating sort of gig and we had a day of walking ahead of us the following day anyway, so the whole evening was just so chilled out.

Sam Brookes, the support act, was wonderful - he's incredibly talented and seems like a genuine guy. He's 24 but has talent far beyond his years in terms of his stunning voice and the way his hands move across and along and around the guitar, making this sound that is so unique and so so lovely. His set was relatively short, but amazing nonetheless and it was a pleasure to listen to him.

A short while later it was time for Newton Faulkner to come on stage; now, I've seen him once before but not in a gig setting - I saw him play the lead in American Idiot the musical last year so I already knew his voice was pure gold, but honestly I'd pretty much forgotten how good he is. And he is, SO good. It was just him and his guitar and some backing stuff (I'm no music expert but he was the only one on stage) and he owned it. He's softly spoken but so funny - the set list was interjected with comedy and brilliant one-liners, and he bounced off the crowd so well.

Song highlights included Dog Food Taster, Brick by Brick, and of course, Dream Catch Me - the song that brought Newton Faulkner to fame when Jo Whiley (legend) played it on the radio and the song that I love the most out of all of his. But really, every song was incredible and I know I'm not alone in thinking that. There are so many singular words I could use to sum up the gig, but one that sticks out is 'relaxed'. Everyone was so chilled, so laid back and happy, like we were in our own little bubble of love and calm despite everything that's going on in the world - and if that's not the sign of a good gig, I don't know what is.

All in all it was an incredible night and I can't WAIT to attend & review more gigs for y'all, so I really hope you've enjoyed reading this! Lemme know if you've seen anyone live lately I'd love to know.

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