Monday 13 November 2017

My escape-the-office dreams...

You may know that I recently started an office job, and I'm slowly settling into it - I now have my own desk instead of borrowing someone else's, and while I'm not used to the early mornings just yet, the office clothes are something I can just about put up with now. But of course, like everyone else, I'm always dreaming of where I'd rather be and Furniture at Work™ challenged me to tell you all about it.

My bed, of course, is probably number one - leaving it at 6.30 every morning is The Worst, especially on cold mornings when I have to travel 1.5 hours to get to the office using public transport and I'm too skint to treat myself to a maccies breakfast. What I wouldn't give to stay tucked up there just that little bit longer.

In terms of working, though, I wish I could work from home; my own desk with my own laptop and pens and fairy lights, snacks, music on in the background, nobody coughing and sniffling around me. Of course it's not practical otherwise I'm sure everybody would be working from home, but it's definitely the dream for me - as well as any sort of remote working, like sitting in a coffee shop or in a spa (do people do that?) or on a beach.

Mostly I dream of being on holiday - a 5* all-inclusive spa resort or a hostel in a noisy city full of people, it doesn't really matter to me. Being abroad (or really, not even abroad - just away from everyday life) is so truly magical. I've been so lucky in terms of travelling this year, but I've worked hard to be able to do so and I can't wait to go away again so I'm always dreaming of my next jaunt. I'm desperate to go to Marrakesh, and Sofia is high on my list too; Disneyland and Disneyworld are always firm holiday-dreams of mine, and there's never a time when I'm not dreaming of being in Poland - Kraków, Poznan, or a new city entirely. Really, anywhere - I just looooove exploring.

But really, my office is very laid back and my job isn't too hard - I'm pretty lucky, although I think most people wish they were somewhere else when they're trawling through emails on a Monday morning! Tell me where you would escape the office & go to...

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