Thursday 16 November 2017

Liverpool's Sound with LFCTV

Last week, I was invited to Anfield to watch the official screening of Liverpool's Sound, a documentary by LFCTV which is a 'tribute to the inimitable Anfield noise' - sadly I couldn't go, but they kindly let me send my brother in my place so here's a guest post from him all about the evening...

Have you ever been invited to a press event at one of your favourite places in the world, arrived and been told you’re too early so had to sit in the car and drain your phone battery playing Candy Crush for an hour like an absolute lemon? Well I have…

Before I get into this I would just like to thank Liverpool Football Club for accommodating such a special evening, LFCTV for the opportunity and the pub for putting Katy on the rota meaning she couldn’t attend. I guess I should also probably thank Katy for giving me the opportunity to attend on her behalf but knowing her she’ll probably try and play this off as being my Christmas present or something!

Anyway, Katy was invited by Liverpool Football Club to attend as special guest screening of a new LFCTV documentary entitled ‘Liverpool’s Sound’. Unfortunately for her she had to work so I had the absolute pleasure of attending for her. When it was finally time to go in, after I had sat in the carpark for far too long, I was given the full red-carpet treatment and greeted with a beer. Can’t really ask for much more. Except maybe a 3-0 win against Chelsea after the International break…

Following this I was shown into the Reds Lounge in the newly refurbished Kenny Dalglish stand. It looked absolutely incredible and was full of refreshments. Slowly it started to fill up with invitees and staff and the drinks and popcorn began to flow. Around 7pm we were invited to sit down and were introduced to the documentary ‘Liverpool’s Sound’, expertly produced by Philip Reade and Mark Platt.

The story tells of the songs that are sung on the Kop during match days at Anfield and where they originated from, be it a group of friends on the couch back from an away game or a pub full of people celebrating a thrilling victory over a fierce rival. These people, sat in the audience amongst us, were interviewed and given the chance to reminisce about the good old days when Liverpool were arguably the best team in Europe, or at least the most successful. The documentary itself was funny, heart-warming and emotional and to get the chance to watch its premiere with the producers and the contributors and more importantly a room full of life long Liverpool fans, including an idol of my own growing up Jason McAteer.

After the documentary we were given the chance for a Q&A with the two producers Mark and Philip and a handful of the contributors to discuss what they thought about the overall final product that they had put so much time and effort in to create.

So all in all, a fantastic night at Anfield to support the premiere of LFCTV’s brand new documentary ‘Liverpool’s Sound’ which you can watch now on LFCTV and LFCTVGo if you are a subscribing customer! Huge congratulations to Philip Reade and Mark Platt on producing an incredible piece of work and a huge thanks to Liverpool Football Club for inviting us along!

Until next time, Josh.

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  1. Woah! I guess you had an awesome evening thanks to Katy for being ill and choosing you to attend the event.. lol. The wait was worth the event after all it was The Liverpool event.