Tuesday 16 May 2017

5 things blogging has taught me

My blog has recently hit 200,000 page views - that means my blog has been visited over 200,000 times which is crazy to me. I know it's not huge to other people but to me, that is one hefty number so thank you, guys, for reading the shit I have to say on here. When I started this blog it was merely an extra place to write, to hone my skills in terms of grammar/spelling/sentence structure - but it's turned into so much more than that. Here are 5 things blogging has taught me...

1. I'm a lot more comfortable talking about sex and periods than I ever thought I would be. This is a big thing for me - I went to a mixed high school, and talking about periods was a huge no-no for most of us, and talking about sex was something that only the lads seemed to do. At least that was my experience, but nowadays I'm more than happy to harp on about sex toys, menstruating and all that good stuff like there's no tomorrow. They're actually some of my most popular posts, too! I hope that I've been able to educate people as well as entertain y'all.

2. I'm crap at photography. I genuinely am, and I'm not fishing for compliments because you'd be. straight up lying if you said my dark and blurry photos were any good. I've managed to get some alright shots, but not consistently and not often. I don't mind, though, because it keeps my blog a bit rustic and stops me getting too big for my boots.

3. I like make up and skincare more than I realised. Before I started my blog I liked make up, and I've always been a bit into skincare in the hopes of curing my eczema or acne, but since I started blogging I've gotten waaaaay into it. Between me and Sam, we own around 50 foundations and there's a further 7 drawers jam packed with make up, then 5 filled with skincare, and we span two bathroom shelves with extra stuff. Honestly, it's ridiculous but I guess I'll never be short on content for this lil' blog of mine.

4. I can host a cracking event. I never really wanted to organise events, blogging or otherwise, but when Sam and I first met she was arranging one - I caught the bug and now we've organised like 6 events, raising money for charity, empowering women, bringing bloggers and brands together. Smashed it, lads.

5. I can make a blog post out of pretty much anything. Sometimes I get bored of writing about moisturisers and fancy meals, and I have developed a skill of writing a blog post for pretty much any occasion. Helps that I can waffle on better than most people, eh!

Blogging has been a confidence booster for me, as well as being the reason I met my fiancĂ© and some of my best friends in the world - it's given me the opportunity to work with some amazing brands, meet some fantastic people (ahem, Charlotte Tilbury) and give back to my community. It's made me a better writer, a better reader and, I hope, a better person.

Cheesy blog post over but I love my blog and you guys so thanks!

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