Wednesday 15 February 2017

Sample stash | feb17

Does this post need an introduction? If you're new here, every month I rifle through my box of tiny samples and test around 10 of them out, giving mini reviews here on The Lilac Scrapbook. Voila.

Ziaja natural grape seed oil moisturising body lotion // this feels amazing on the skin; it smells a bit nothing-y before you actually rub it in - then it smells like grape yoghurt, if that's a thing. I loved this and Ziaja are bae. 10/10

TRESemmé Renewal Hair & Scalp Nourish & Renew Shampoo // there was barely anything in this sachet but it went quite a long way and lathered nicely. My hair felt nice after using it, but I wasn't blown away by this stuff. 6/10

Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream // this is okay but like ??? just okay. It's a bit meh - really thick and almost gooey, and it smells okay, and it didn't irritate my skin but it also didn't make it look amazing. It's just meh, and you can get similar things for cheaper, and better things for the same price. 5/10

Radial 5 minute facial // my face felt really soft after using this one, and most of the redness had subsided - there wasn't actually enough in the sachet to cover my whole face, but the bits I used it on looked much better afterwards! 9/10

iS Clinical Active Serum // apparently this stuff is anti-aging, anti-acneic as well as brightening but to be honest it just felt like acid. £66-a-bottle acid. Honestly it burnt my skin and I had to wipe it off with micellar water after a couple of minutes. 0/10

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Original // No wonder everyone loves this stuff - my eyeshadow didn't fade, and was easy to apply on top of this. Brilliant. Lucky me has a full size in her drawer... 9/10

Circ Cell ABO + | - Blood Serum Rejuvenating Eye Gel // what is with the burning this month?! This really stung my eye (I only tried it on one eye to see if it made any difference, which it didn't) and so I definitely wouldn't recommend it. I had high hopes because of the whole blood serum thing, which sounds so cool, but it was a let down for me.

Shiro Cosmetics Who Needs Reasons? I've had this for so long and I was so pleased when I pulled it out of my sample stash box; it's a loose pigment in a sachet, a grey/blue/pink duochrome colour that blends so well and feels so soft, as well as having a fair bit of colour to it. It didn't last amaaaazingly well but I would still definitely recommend Shiro Cosmetics especially if you're into your nerdy things... 8/10

Clinique sun-kissed face gelee // lmao I got some of this out the sachet and it's like a fake tan and that aint going anywhere near my face but it was on my hand for like 23 seconds n left a dark patch so if u wanna tan ur face I guess it works?????

MAC Prep & Prime Face Protect Lotion SPF 50 // I used this in place of a primer whilst we were in Latvia, and it felt amazing on the skin, my make up lasted so well and it had SPF in it. Love love love this. 9/10

Keep your eyes peeled next month for more samples!
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