Monday 10 October 2016

Sample stash | Lush edition

At the v.i.p LUSH event, we got soooooo many samples to try; we got to pick our own, so everything I tried was something I thought would be good for me/my skin.

Magical Moringa // We got told about this in the spa, and LUSH are actually rebranding it as a primer (it's currently a moisturiser) because when you rub it in, it leaves your skin feeling matte and silicone-y, which is what a lot of primers do. Definitely a good one for oily gals. 7/10

Cosmetic Warrior // The first section I headed to on the night was the face mask section, and I asked which was the best for acne prone skin - Cosmetic Warrior came recommended and even though it has garlic in it, I thought I'd give it a shot. Heads up, it stinks. There's no two ways about it, honestly, it's disgusting - and it didn't magically clear up my spots BUT I woke up the next day without any new blemishes, which is rare. 8/10

lush chocolate cupcake face mask

Cupcake // Hooooo boy does this smell good - I remember one of my old housemates using this, and I always planned on getting my hands on it but never did. It smells like chocolate, with a hint of mint (it does have mint in it so go figure). I found it to be a bit sting-y on the skin, but not too much to handle; after washing it off my face was SO soft and smooth - definitely one I think I'll purchase when I can! 9/10

Dark Angels // Now, I've used Dark Angels in the past - but I'd forgotten how much I love it, because it's quite pricey. I love the smell, I love how it looks, I love how it makes me skin feel. It gently exfoliated any dry or flaky skin as well as brightening your face up a bit. Love love love. 10/10

Jackie Oates // Oh I've wanted to try this forever, but I didn't realise you could get samples of the make up products; this is their pale foundation, and honestly it looks pretty decent. It's not particularly full coverage and you do need to set it with a powder, but I like it a lot. 7/10

So there ya have it; I tried out a few LUSH products in sample stash style, and here's my thoughts. Let me know your favourite LUSH skincare bits that I need to try!

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