Tuesday 14 February 2017

Latvia 2017 // photo diary

I did a photo diary for our mini trip to London, and I really enjoyed putting it together and sharing some photos from our time there - so I thought I'd do the same with some Latvia photos! Most taken by me, some by Sam, all cute.

Prettier than art / creepy side streets / Lemony Snicket???

Play house / bed time selfie / pretty building #1

Edgy / selfies at a pretty building / #UncleDon2016

Love lock bridge / who's who at the zoo / gold topped church

duck pics / being silly @ the zoo / Freedom Monument

climbing frame master / gold topped church from another angle / pretty streets

beer beer beer / walking round the zoo / pretty building #2

Sven / pretty girl @ pretty castle / lunch at the Harley Davidson restaurant

Peter's Brewhouse / funky bollard / vlogging our trip

big kid / frozen lake / my girl

We had the best time ever in Latvia; I snapchatted the whole trip, which I'll be doing next time we go away as it was really popular, and Sam vlogged it all on her youtube channel so check that out if you haven't already.

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