Thursday 16 February 2017

Colourpop brow pot // review

A while back, I got some stuff from cult American brand Coloupop - one of the products being their brow pot in 'arched auburn'. I won't lie, I put off using it for a bit because I'd never tried this sort of product before, but now I have been well & truly converted.

So what's it like? It's in a little glass pot, obv, and it's a solid consistency similar to gel eyeliner. It's definitely not a mousse, and to be honest I've never tried a pomade but apparently it's a harder substance than one of those. The colour is a bit lighter than my faux-ginger hair, but looks sooooo natural.

I didn't think it would be easy to use, but it truly is - I use a cheap angled brush I got off eBay and prod the lump of product a bit, then start filling in my brows. You can go for light little strokes and create a totally natural brow, or go all in for a sassy Insta-brow. I personally have been resting somewhere in between.

I haven't even been setting my brows and they've been lasting so well, and honestly they've been looking the best they have in ages! This product is a true joy to use - worth the $6 but shipping and customs are a bitch.


  1. Love a strong brow! Looking fresh hun x

  2. Use your eyebrow shaper to brush the brows upwards. Then trim any excessive hair growing at the top of your natural arch. Manhattan eyebrows microblading