Thursday 18 August 2022

9 recent reads | August 2022

You might know I've recently been on a solo remote-working trip to Poland, which of course left me with a *lot* of time to read. This month's recent reads round-up is a big one, so strap in and keep reading for quickfire book reviews of my latest reads...

Heartbreak Houseshare by Emily Merrill

This is my lovely friend Emily's latest book and I absolutely devoured it on my way to the airport and in the lounge waiting for my flight; it's about a girl who comes out of a relationship and moves into a houseshare. It's such a pivotal time in her life and the story sees her make friends, move on, spend time with her family, and experience so much love and happiness. It's just a 10/10 read and you must must must add it to your TBR list! Order Heartbreak Houseshare here.

Do I Really Know You by Sheryl Browne

This puts the 'psycho' in psychological thriller; it follows the story of two best friends, Maddie and Kiara, and their partners. When Kiara dies, Maddie has plenty of unanswered questions and a lot of suspicions - she doesn't know where to place the blame, but she knows it wasn't the suicide it has been ruled to be. Sheryl Browne has a really unique style of writing, one that helps to convey the fear and horror the book contains. I flew through this one! Order Do I Really Know You here.

One Small Mistake by Dandy Smith

This is another creepy book, about a girl called Elodie - an aspiring writer who is a) very jealous of her sister Ada and b) getting stalked by a weird man. Then a little lie Elodie told a pal one drunken night comes out, and then she goes missing, and everything spirals into a complete drama. Ada throws herself into finding Elodie, desperate to repair the fractured relationship they have, at *any* cost... This book genuinely made me feel sick at times, it's that twisty and thrilling and creepy. Would recommend, though... Order One Small Mistake here.

The Ex Between Us by Nicola Marsh

This thriller follows two best friends, Jo and Abi, after Abi's son moves to college. They've been friends since school, and when Abi moved to a new town after falling pregnant to the school heartthrob, Jo dutifully followed. But was there more to it? Years later, some weird sh*t is going down and their friendship isn't what it used to be... This is a story of someone who will go to any length to get what they want, and about how thin the line is between love and hate! Order The Ex Between Us here.

Girls Who Lie Together by Jessa Russo

This book is a solid 10/10 and I just adored it; it's a YA book about a girl called Ren who crashes her stepdad's car and gets sent to a 'summer program' which turns out to just be her stepdad's friends' house where she'll be helping with a local building project. Here she meets Brit, and over the summer they fall in love before this swiftly comes to an end when it's time to leave - but in true romantic Grease style, they end up at the same school when Ren's family has to move. Can they rekindle what they had? I just truly adored this story and if you're looking for lesbian YA, get on it; it isn't actually out yet, but keep an eye on Waterstones/Amazon! It's so sweet and so reminiscent of many young peoples' experiences with their first love...

Behind Closed Doors by B A Paris

There's a bit of a theme in this post, I think, and it's creepy books. This is yet another psychological thriller, showing the worst of humanity through fiction. It follows the story of newlyweds Jack and Grace - him a very successful lawyer, her the apparent doting housewife. But it's true what they say, you never know what goes on behind closed doors and frankly what goes on behind these doors is pretty disturbing... It's a great portrayal of a controlling relationship gone wrong, and it's so well written. Highly recommend! Order Behind Closed Doors here.

Dear Sister by Ruth Harrow

This is another tale of two sisters, Laura and Rachel, who live on the same street and are very close. They were put into the care system as children, but their father has just made a sudden reappearance in their lives - with a shocking allegation against Laura's husband. But is it true, or is the stranger at their door just that? I liked this one and it definitely had a grip on me. Order Dear Sister here - ps, it's currently FREE on Prime reading.

Let Down Your Hair by Bryony Gordon

This is a modern Rapunzel retelling, and while it was good I didn't enjoy it as much as I expected to; it follows Barb, a social media influencer famous for her incredibly long, thick and luscious hair. She lives in a tiny flat with her aunty and has no friends outside of her social media following - what could go wrong?! Well, she starts to lose her hair and it turns into a complete nightmare. It's a fun story with some sad bits too, and it is good but I'm not saying you should run out and get it! Pre-order Let Down Your Hair here.

The Perfect Holiday by T J Emerson

This is a *fantastic* book about a man called Julian, living with his second wife following the tragic unsolved murder of his first wife who had been left disabled following a car accident. Julian and his new wife are on holiday when they bump into an old friend of Julian's, one who throws quite literally everything into question... Really well written and enjoyable thriller! Order The Perfect Holiday here.

Have you read any of these? Let me know what you thought if so, or if you're going to get your hands on any of them...

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