Friday 19 August 2022

Jazz up your kitchen with CookServeEnjoy

Products in this blog post were sent as PR samples.

As you probably know, I'm on the long road to buying a house/moving out and all that crazy adult stuff. I've been homeware shopping for way too long, and have accumulated boxes upon boxes of stuff ready to pack up and take with me when I go. And the room I seem to have got the most stuff for? The kitchen! This is wild because I'm not that good at cooking but it's all the more excuse to practice, right?

The lovely people at CookServeEnjoy really kindly sent over some of their products for me to show off to you, and to use in my own kitchen. Anyone coming for a dinner party? You will be when you see these plates! The site is home to loads of well-known kitchen/cookware/home accessory brands such as KitchenCraft, KitchenAid, Maxwell & Williams and London Pottery. They stock everything from cutlery to mug trees, gin glasses to blowtorches and so much more!


When this super heavy parcel turned up on my doorstep, I was so excited to delve in - and the first thing I found was a set of plates from Maxwell & Williams. These are the Laguna 27cm plates in Tidal Green; four funky patterned porcelain dinner plates with a green pattern and a yellow trim, perfect for summer dining in particular. They feel such good quality and they're the perfect size too! The set is £17.99 but they are currently on offer individually for less than £4 if you're in the mood for a bargain...

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To go with the plates, although they don't actually go because I'm not planning on everything (or anything really) being matching, is a set of four bowls by KitchenCraft. These are the bright yellow floral ceramic bowls and honestly, just LOOK at the detail and patterning. Again they feel like great quality, they're a really decent size, and I can't wait to fill them with crisps and nibbles when I have people round. They come in various other colourways, and it's £29.99 for the set.

Last but not least is actually a dream come true: it's a lilac casserole dish. And it is beautiful - the photos really don't do it justice at all. This is the MasterClass 2.5L cast aluminium casserole dish, and the official colour is 'lavender'. It's just so lovely, and the perfect size if you're making a dish for just 1-2 people. I absolutely love it and I'm SO happy to own it. This will definitely encourage me to cook more, I think... This size dish is £48.49 and it comes in other sizes too!

Tell me what your favourite kitchen item that you own is - and tell me how much you love my lilac casserole dish before I explode...

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  1. I love the pattern of the plates and the lavender casserole dish is so pretty! I definitely want one of those for my kitchen!