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My recent reads | June 22

I've definitely been bitten by the reading bug again, as it's not too long since I posted my last recent reads post. But you can never read too many books, in my opinion, and I love sharing these round ups for anyone looking for their next read! Let me know if you've read any of these or like the sound of them...

The Girl Beyond The Gate by Becca Day

This was an absolutely fascinating read about a woman who moves into a gated community following some personal trauma; she moves in next door to a mum & daughter duo, and the daughter is living with cystic fibrosis. The book follows the tight knit community through a series of dramstic events leading up to a murder - although we don't find out who's murder it is until the very end. There's a lot of questions and plot twists and it's a book that really draws you in. Would definitely recommend! Order it here

How To Be The Best Third Wheel by Loridee de Villa

This is a YA romance set in a Canadian high school, following Filipino student Lara - it's the first day back and suddenly all of her friends are coupled up with her enemy's friends! Obviously this is awful for Lara, who is a hilarious and totally dramatic character, so we follow her journey through the emotions related to this situation. I kind of guessed what was going to happen but this didn't spoil my reading experience as it was so beautifully done. I also really liked that the main character spoke in Tagalog throughout, when in conversation with her family, which was translated. There is some great diversity in this book and I just really enjoyed it. Get it here

The Other Guest by Helen Cooper

This is another psychological thriller, taking us through two separate stories which are seemingly nothing to do with each other; we see the perspective of a university counsellor who strikes up a friendship with a barman in her local pub, and a woman travelling to her sister's luxury holiday resort in Italy following her niece's death. As the two stories merge and the truth about Amy's death comes out, everything sadly falls into place. This is a really cracking story and one I'd recommend for sure! Pre-order here

The Perfect Witness by Susanna Beard

I found this book SO slow at first, then it really picked up, and then it was the end. We follow Daniel, who cannot forget anything that's ever happened in his life ever, and Poppy - reeling from her grandma's death - who are walking the canals separately. They bump into each other and decide to walk together instead, Daniel in search of a man he saw do something terrible on a canal boat when he was a child, desperate to uncover the truth. It could be a great plot but I just didn't think it was well executed... Order the paperback here

The Guilty Couple by C L Taylor

This was another ARC from Net Galley, following a woman who is in prison having been framed for an attempted assassination - on her husband. When she gets out, she is desperate to reunite with her daughter who doesn't want to know her; she tries to put this right while also trying to find out the truth about being framed, what happened to her ex lover and so on. There's a lot going on in terms of sub-plots but it's got a good twist and I read it all in one night! Pre-order here

The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

I bought this in Poundland of all places but I couldn't resist - I've not seen the film but I've definitelty heard about it. This is a YA story about a girl who, according to the school's hot/popular boy, is the DUFF: designated ugly fat friend. She's actually neither fat or ugly, but this is beside the point; the book details a period in her life where her family is falling apart, her friendships are feeling fragile, and she's looking for distraction in the worst places. I'm dying to watch the film now! Buy it here

The Perfect Neighbour by Susanna Beard

Another Susanna Beard book - but it was free on the Kindle and actually, I really enjoyed it. The book follows a dual narrative: Beth, who has just moved into a house on a very secretive street, and Sofia - her next door neighbour, a victim of domestic slavery hidden away and abused. When Beth realises something a bit dodgy is going on, she starts investigating the neigbours... I read this one really quickly and I'd definitely recommend it. Buy it here

So there's my 7 most recent reads - let me know if you've read any of them or if you have any particularly wonderful recommendations for me...

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