Monday 6 June 2022

Day 3 in Hamburg

Our third day in Hamburg was one I was really excited for: we were going to a football game! When we first booked the trip we both said this was something we really wanted to do; looking at the fixtures, we were unable to attend either a Hamburg or a St. Pauli game, but I did a lot of research and found that we could go to a Holstein Kiel game - so we did...

Day 3 in Hamburg

We were getting the train from Hamburg central station to Kiel, and had a few hours to kill in the morning so we got ready and headed to the mall for breakfast pastries before slowly making our way to the city centre. Here we got a train to Kiel; I actually booked this on the day so it cost us around £30 each return, but I'm sure it would have been cheaper to book in advance. Oops.

The train had a few little private compartments, and we managed to get in one of those all the way there; this meant we could take our masks off and charge our phones all the way there. The journey took just over an hour and then there we were, in Kiel - which is a beautiful port city and one I really want to return to! We jumped in a taxi to the football stadium, paid twenty euros for 6 beers (you can drink in the stands) and made our way to the section we'd been allocated. The game was a draw but the fans were so passionate and we honestly had so much fun. We then jumped on the train back to Hamburg, picking up some snacks from the train station on the way.

We went back to the apartment for a bit of chill time, then got changed and headed back into the city centre where we watched the sunset and then tried to find somewhere to eat. It was Saturday night so the city was busy and most places were full - and we weren't dressed for the posh restaurant underneath the town hall which I *really* wanted to go to. We ended up in a lovely little Italian called Tavola Calda de Ferri, which had delicious pizza and staff who were attentive & friendly. It came to £27 (32 euros) for the two us which, for somewhere so central, I didn't think was too bad...

We ended the night in Paddy's Bar, which is obviously an Irish bar, also really central. My boyfriend wanted to watch the Tyson Fury v Dillian Whyte fight, so we did that, and then headed back to the apartment for a good night's sleep.

Booking tickets for a Bundesliga 2 game

I found the ticking purchasing process a bit stressful but this was mostly because I was completely in the dark about how to do it and nobody seemed to be able to offer any tips. In the end,  I just kept checking the Holstein Kiel website (all in German) for tickets for the particular game we wanted to go to, which were available around 10 days in advance. From there it was a case of filling in all our information and buying the tickets which were around £12 each.

 So that was our third day in Hamburg - and our last full day. We didn't do *a lot* but it was one of my favourite days, watching the match and seeing a beautiful sunset. Just spectacular.

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