Friday 10 June 2022

The best Stranger Things merch on Etsy!

Stranger Things season 4 is absolutely mindblowing - if you haven't watched it yet then where have you been?! It's definitely my favourite season yet and as such, I wanted to share some of the best merch across Etsy for Stranger Things fans looking to support small businesses... 

First of all is this retro Stranger Things print - there are sooooo many prints on Etsy and I'm a big fan of this one, very movie-style and quite understated. This starts at £6.76 for an A5 print and sizes go all the way up to A1. Very good very nice.
Next up is this Eleven room spray which has a candy & waffle scent - a room spray is a really nice housewarming gift I think so if you know a Stranger Things fan who is moving house, something like this is probably ideal! This is £9.99 and reviews for this shop are great.

This Upside Down-themed (not literally upside down) whisky glass is so cool - I hate whisky but little glasses like this are ideal for a quick swig of orange juice in the morning too. This is a tenner and would make a great birthday gift.

I think this Stranger Things activity book is adorable; I got one of these a few years ago and they are tiny, the ideal stocking filler (I know it's only June but...) or for some fun on-the-go like for a road trip or long flight. Just something really different and it's only £2.99!

Hellfire Club has my heart and I obviously want a badge. There's a selection of sizes and a keyring too, starting at £2.50 - there's already one in my basket. I'm on the hunt for a proper t-shirt, white with the black sleeves, but Primark have sold out and all the Etsy ones are from 'Murica. If you know of any please let me know!!

I am obsessed with this map of Hawkins print - it's so cute and I think I might get it for like the staircase wall of my new house! It is quite expensive at £21 for the smallest size but I do absolutely adore it.

I'm an Adidas lover anyway and this Stranger Things Adidas-inspired t-shirt is so very cool; just imagine this with mom jeans and black Converse in the summer?! This is a tenner and the reviews are great too.

Running Up That Hill, if you know you know. This bracelet is soooo dainty and cute and definitely a more subtle nod to Stranger Things if that's the kind of merch you want. Dreamy! It's £14.50 which isn't too bad for a handmade bracelet.

Not so subtle is this incredible Steve Harrington t-shirt; I love these 90s style celeb t-shirts and I love Steve so this is a winner. It's from a US seller and quite pricey but there are a lot of variations across Etsy if you want one of these.

Like I said, so many prints. This Stranger Things colour palette print is just stunning - what a great design. Love love love. Nothing more to say really! This is £13.99 which is decent for an A3 print...

Last but not least is yet another print; I know Barb is old news now but I loved her and this missing person milk carton print just really made me chuckle. Plus it's pink... It's a fiver for A5 print or £10 for A4.

Have you watched season 4 yet? Have you bought any good merch? Let me know!

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