Thursday 28 April 2022

AD | Refreshing my jewellery for Spring

This is a paid collaboration with Daisy London.

If there's one easy way you can change up your wardrobe it's with accessories - and jewellery is a major part of this. I wanted to show you the pieces I'll be wearing this Spring to mix it up a little...

Firstly are my three new rings from Daisy London, who have long since been one of my favourite jewellery brands. I have a dainty silver necklace from them which I wear every single day and it definitely needs a bit of TLC this Spring, so I'll be switching it up for sure. But onto the rings!! They kindly sent me three: two of the 18ct gold Healing Stone rings in Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz (£39 each) and the gorgeous Iota Daisy Ring, which is £49 and so pretty. All the rings are dainty and comfortable, and the two gold rings stack together beautifully!


My favourite necklace for wearing in the Spring months is this purple and rose gold disc necklace* by MoonKoin at Newbridge Silver. It's a couple if years old and it gets wheeled out each year, especially to brighten up plain outfits. I just love the pop of colour even if everyone does say it looks like a party ring... It's such good quality and I plan on keeping it forever.

Daisy London sent over some necklaces too - one gold and one silver. The silver one, the Alexa Necklace, is very much like my daily necklace (this one) which means I can switch between the two. At £69 it's not mega expensive; I think it would make a nice gift for someone special, and as always the quality is impeccable. I just love the arty, almost historic kind of vibe going on. The gold necklace has a longer chain and is definitely more of a statement necklace - it's the Isla, an 18ct gold plated with a large shell pendant, and retails at £139. It's not too heavy and I find that the shell falls at a really nice place on my chest, too. I wore this for my brother's graduation meal earlier this week!

I don't tend to wear bracelets in the Winter months *but* when it comes to Spring I love wearing this gorgeous black and blue bracelet my mum brought home from Greece for me. It's made of some sort of dyed natural stone, and it's so lightweight on my wrist but it looks fairly bold. It doesn't go with everything but it is gorgeous and a nice casual piece to wear.

I also bloody LOVE a statement earring. These pom pom bee earrings, which were bought from one of those 99p Facebook adverts, are a firm favourite. I also have loads of colourful plastic hoops and dangly things from Primark, and I definitely make more of an effort to wear them in the Spring... 

So that's my Spring jewellery refresh for this year - what pieces are you rolling out?

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  1. Such great pieces of spring jewellery! I really love the look of the rings and the shell necklace, something to wear everyday x