Friday 15 April 2022

AD | my Dublin restaurant bucket list

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If you know me you know I love to travel to new cities and countries - and I've actually never been to Ireland! I'd particularly like to visit Dublin, which is where this post focuses on, and I've been trawling through Instagran, food blogs and TripAdvisor to make a list of restraunts to visit when I eventually get there...

The Vintage Kitchen

This is a really cute retro-style restuarant offering a range of traditional Irish dishes, with a casual vibe and a really creative menu. The reviews are outstanding and apparently the food is top-notch, so this is definitely on my list for restaurants to visit in Dublin. It's also 'bring your own booze', which is incredible, and you can even bring your own records to play on their record player?! Amazing.

The Dog House

Located in the Howth area of Dublin, this place is like something out of the pages of your favourite interior design magazine. Absolutely wild - you can literally sit on a bed to enjoy your food, of which there is a huge variety. If you're visiting on a winter city break, they even supply hot water bottles; this alone is enough of a reason to get me to visit...

The Tower Suite at Clontarf Castle

This is pure luxury, but I love the idea of having your own private group dining space located in a 12th century castle with stunning views and stained glass. I'd love to do a big group trip somewhere, and I think Dublin would be a cracking place for it as it's not too far away - and what a treat this would be. Also ideal for special birthdays, a baby shower or even a hen do or small wedding!



Now, if there's one thing you need to know about me it's that I bloody love pasta. So I searched for the best pasta in Dublin and quite a few people mentioned Host; they offer fresh pasta dishes with an ever-changing menu. Apparently the flavours are to die for and their small plates menu is meant to be really good too... personally I'm all about the pasta though!


This is just an ideal combo for me: Mediterranean food and a BUFFET. Honestly there's not much more I can say about that - but the reviews are fantastic, and all the food looks really colourful and fresh. The decor looks really homely too and there's an outdoor dining area if you're visiting during warmer months; everything about this place looks like it's somewhere I need to visit asap.

The Old Spot

You might have seen I've been trying to eat all the roast dinners my local area has to offer - so it's only fair that I try a roast dinner on my hypothetical foodie trip to Dublin too, right? The Old Spot seems to come out on top when you look for recommendations for a roast in the city, so of course it's on my list. It is €26 for a roast here but if it's as good as everyone says it is then I'm definitely tempted...

Have you tried any particularly good restaurants in Dublin? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. The Tower Suite at Clontarf Castle sounds amazing! I would love to dine in a castle!