Tuesday 7 December 2021

Roasts of Wirral

I'm making it my mission to try all the roast dinners Wirral has to offer, and probably some from further afield. As I try them, I'll be updating this blog post with my thoughts. This way we can create some sort of directory when it comes to roast dinnners in Wirral! If you have any recommendations, please let me know and I'll be sure to try it out when I can.

These are actually just roast dinners in Wallasey right now, because I don't drive and I've been really busy lately, but I'm hoping after Christmas to get out further afield and try some more roasts around Wirral.

The Pilot Boat, New Brighton

I've been here three times for a roast in the past few months, and they just get better. Massive portions, really well-cooked and flavoursome food, excellent gravy and just a lovely pub. There's a dog-friendly dining section if you want to bring a four-legged friend, and plenty of room to eat outside if the weather is nice. Definitely my favourite pub for a roast around here! If you're not feeling the full shebang, opt for the dipping plate - your choice of meat as a sandwich with chips and a jug of gravy. 

The Telegraph, New Brighton

Again, here you can opt for the dipping board or roast option. I loved the dipping board, because I love carbs, and my boyfriend said the roast was top notch too. It's always chocker in here for roasts and they sell out quick so I'd highly recommend booking if you can! That speaks for how good the dinners are, though - the meat is always really succulent and juicy and everything is full of flavour. 

The Queens, Liscard

We went here recently and it's 2 courses for under a tenner - the roast was basic but delicious, and actually did include mash as well which is a definite winner for me. Couldn't complain at all! I think when we were there it was a choice of beef, chicken or pork although they do offer turkey too sometimes - I guess it just depends what is available on the day. For pudding we both had chocolate fudge cake, and if I remember correctly you could have apple pie instead but don't quote me on that... 

Edit: The Queens has since been taken over, and I'm yet to have a roast here under the new ownership.

The Phoenix, New Brighton

When we went to the Phoenix for a roast, it was the first day they were offering them and we weren't impressed. My beef still had the red and white butchers string in it, and overall the food was quite bland. However, I have it on good authority that they have improved a lot since then and I will definitely give them another go at some point - when I do, I'll update this post with my findings. Everywhere has teething problems with stuff like that, so it hasn't put me off full stop!

Stanley's, Seaview Road   

We went here a couple of weeks ago, and it was genuinely 10/10. For a mere £9 we got a starter (I had chicken strips) and a roast - which was HUGE. We're talking meat, massive potatoes, carrot & turnip, mash, carrots, broccoli... and loads of it. No Yorkshire pud or stuffing which was slightly disappointing but with how good the food was and how much we got, I wasn't that bothered! Thicccc gravy too. 

Edit: Stanley's has changed hands since I went, and I haven't been for a roast here since.


The Magazine, New Brighton

Where to start with this one? £9.95 for one course - I chose beef - served with Yorkshire pudding & stuffing according to the menu. The beef was entirely pink throughout (they had asked me how I wanted it cooked and I said I don't eat pink meat) and we got half a Yorkshire each (????) and zero stuffing whatsoever. I was baffled. The roasties were nice, but the gravy was super thin. Also, the veg was unseasoned carrots and spring onion... where's the cabbage/cauli/broccoli?! Thought the whole thing was bizarre and it's such a shame as everyone raves about their week-time menu.

The Rose & Crown, Poulton

If you want a massive, delicious, no-frills roast dinner then the Rose & Crown is the one. £8 for two courses (main and dessert), it was flavoursome with very thick gravy, delicious meat, loads of mash, stuffing, Yorkshire pud - even sprouts! This has easily been one of my favourite roasts we've had, so I would highly recommend. They deliver too, if you're too hungover to fathom a Sunday trip to the pub!

So far, the Pilot Boat is my favourite when it comes to roast dinners in Wirral. As I said, please leave any recommendations in the comments or get in touch with me directly - and let me know what your favourite part of a roast dinner is.

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