Tuesday 6 April 2021

Etsy home favourites: the hallway

I'm still hoping to buy a house this year, as you might know, and last week I took the step of getting in touch with a mortgage broker - which is, obviously, very exciting. To celebrate, I thought I would post another 'Etsy homeware favourites' blog post featuring all the best stuff I've found that would be perfect for a hallway!

First of all is this hairpin leg console table - I love hairpin legs, and this table is ideal for a hallway in that it's small enough to fit in a narrow space but still handy for putting *stuff* on. I like this wooden vibe, too! It's £45 with free delivery (decent, I think) and I just really love it.

Tripod lamps are soooo cool, and this industrial one is amazing. I think lamps are great in hallways for warmth and security, and I reckon this would look great in a corner. This one is around £55 with free delivery, and I think it's boss.

A coat rack is a good time, and this fits with the aforementioned industrial vibe. You can fit shoes on, and there's plenty of hanging space for jackets, and if your hallway is big enough I think this would look incredible and provide some much-needed storage. It's £75.99 which is genuinely cheaper than I expected it to be, too.

This 'abstract face vase' is adorable and would look so good on the console table. I love really fun and unique pieces like this, and you could put flowers in it or not - either way it would still look really cool. It's £15 and you can get it in black or white!

Prints are a must and I think this pink and red 'Come on in' print would be amazing for a hallway - so welcoming and I love that colourway, plus the cute font. Just everything about it, really! Prices start at £8 and the bigger the print you get, the more expensive it is.

This rug is sooooo cute. I love patterns like this, and I think a rug is great for adding interest to a hallway which can often be a small space. Prices for these start at £12 and go up as the rugs get bigger - I'm just all over this gorgeous Turkish style rug!

Last but not least are these grey felt storage boxes, which I think would look lovely on the shelves of the coat rack up there. I just love this whole vibe - what do you reckon? These baskets are actually coming from China so postage is pretty pricey, but you can find similar things across the site!

What's your favourite piece? I just can't choose...

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