Sunday 24 January 2021

Beauty empties: Jan 2021

Some of my favourite posts to write are beauty empty posts - a round up of beauty products I've used until they're completely empty, alongside quickfire reviews. Would I repurchase this lot? Read on to find out...

Products with a * denote PR samples.

Skin Therapy Epsom Salts

I bloody love epsom salts in a bath - I'm not entirely convinced they really *do* much, but it feels luxurious, right? These are Wilkos own brand and I'm pretty sure it cost me less than two quid for a  kilogram of the stuff. I'd definitely repurchase them if I was in there!

PS... H2OHH! Micellar Wipes

I know, I know, face wipes. But we're in a pandemic and sometimes I just can't be bothered going downstairs to the bathroom just to take off my mascara and brows before I do my toner, moisturiser etc. I really should but sometimes I just don't want to. These are okay - I prefer the other Primark wipes in the white and green pack (the PS... Naturals wipes) but these are my second choice and I do repurchase them if the others are out of stock. They're biodegradable, too.

Schwarzkopf Beology Deep Sea Extract Smoothing bi-serum

I bought this in Poland or Latvia a few years ago and it's taken me that long to get through it - I don't even know if you can buy it any more, at least in England, but I wouldn't bother as it's just a bit 'meh'. Smells nice but I didn't see much noticeable difference with my hair! More info here.

John Frieda Frizz Ease*

The original and the best, right? I've already repurchased this as I really did see a difference in the amount of frizz when I was using this. Plus it smells lovely and you can pick it up in the supermarket on offer a lot of the time! Whack it into soaking wet hair and it really does the trick. Love it. Buy it here.

Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Foundation

I love this foundation - it's less than a tenner, has great coverage, comes in loads of shades and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. You do need a bit of powder with it, but overall it's just a cracking product. I'll definitely pick it up again when I'm in need of a new foundation! Buy it here.

Tropic Pure Lagoon Blemish Prevention Serum*

You'll probably have seen a lot of Tropic products on my blog, and this serum is brilliant. It does a great job at reducing redness and taking the anger out of spots/blemishes - plus it smells nice, isn't drying and just feels lovely on the skin. Pricey, but worth it I reckon. I already have a back up of this, too. Buy it here.

Vichy Normaderm 24h Hydration*

This is a great moisturiser, especially if you've got blemish-prone skin. It smells amazing and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy whatsoever; it sinks in fast, reduces redness and makes for a great base for make-up. This is the second time I've had this and I genuinely think it's a fantastic daily moisturiser! Buy it here.

Bath & Body Works I'm Really a Mermaid cleansing hand gel

Obviously we're all still going through a lot of hand sanitiser, and I love the Bath & Body Works' ones for a great scent. This one smells fresh and lovely, a bit like aftershave, and has just been a really handy (get it?) product to have around during the pandemic.

So there's 8 products I've used up recently and what I thought of them - mostly great, to be fair! Let me know your current favourite beauty bits in the comments below...

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