Tuesday 26 January 2021

My Etsy candle favourites 2021

I am LOVING writing homeware content, and I'm just obsessed with scouring Etsy for inspiration. Today's post is a round up of my favourite candles from independent small businesses over there - all of these are so cute and would just look adorable in my future home. 

First up is this birthday cake scented candle COMPLETE WITH SPRINKLES! I love the bright colours and the quirkiness of it - imagining this in the kitchen because baking scents are perfect for kitchens, right? I love the simplicity of the packaging, too! Unfortunately this is from the US so with postage it costs around £30 but I'll be on the hunt for something similar in the UK.

Next are these David sculpture candles. I love history, and this is based on the statue of David by Michelangelo. It comes in different (neutral) colours and you can get it scented or unscented depending on your vibe. Thinking this would be a cool office candle, no? It comes all the way from Ukraine but even with postage will only set you back around £15.

Speaking of sculptures, these nude body form candles are all the rage lately aren't they? This one has gold flecks in which I love and I think it would look stunning in a bathroom! You can choose sooooo many scents (including Alien and Snow Fairy!) and frankly I'm just obsessed. £10.70 with postage, too, which is decent in my eyes!

I love these simple shell-shaped pastel candles, again perfect for a bathroom. They're £6 each and come in pink, white or blue - I just think they'd make such a cute addition to a windowsill or shelf. The shop does a variety of other shapes, too.

Next is this twisted bright pink candle - not sure you'd ever burn it, because it's so funky, but again I'm feeling this in the kitchen for some reason? They do it in yellow, white and green, too. I just think this is such a unique shape for a candle and it looks so cool. They're £28.95 each including delivery which is pretty expensive, but they're cool nonetheless. 

Obsessed with this tiny cloud candle that has a bit of glitter in it too. So cute! They're a tenner with postage so again not the most affordable, but so lovely. Little bedroom candle, I reckon. Adorable.

I adore Le Bon Candles, a brand I found on Instagram - their Etsy store is full of gorgeous, interesting candles including these wavy candles. They do a lilac wavy one and you can choose from a few different scents, too. Just an all round lovely small candle business that I would highly recommend! These wavy ones are £11.50 each plus postage and in my eyes, worth every penny.

Last but not least is another jar candle - this is a crystal candle with actual gems in it. I LOVE the look of these and just think this would look so nice in a living room or maybe the hallway. These are so visually interesting and I've seen a few businesses offer similar candles - big thumbs up from me. Again this is from the US so postage doubles the cost of the candle but there are definitely UK sellers offering similar!

If you know of any small businesses on Etsy or otherwise offering unique and funky candles please let me know - I'm making a list...


  1. I've actually not heard of any of these Etsy sellers before but they all sound incredible! I'm really big on trying to buy from independent stores where I can. I recently got a candle from the emerald dove and I love it x

  2. You can't go wrong with homeware content! Thank you for sharing these. I love supporting smaller businesses etc on Etsy. The birthday cake candle one sounds bloody lovely! xxx