Thursday 17 October 2019

Revolution Beauty: Conceal & Define vs Conceal & Hydrate foundations

A while ago, Revolution released their Conceal & Define Foundation - I bought and loved it, and wear it regularly. I saw recently that they had now released the Conceal & Hydrate foundation, which is supposed to be similar but aimed at those with drier skin (like me). It was out of stock for a while but I picked mine up in Superdrug a couple of weeks ago, and thought I'd do a bit of a comparison post in case you're interested in seeing which Revolution foundation would be best for you...


Mostly, the two foundations look exactly the same. 30ml bottles, frosted glass packaging with shiny rose gold lids. The only visible difference at this point is that the new Revolution Conceal & Hydrate foundation has a longer lid, making it taller when you stand the two foundations side by side.


The first difference between the two foundations is their applicators. The original Conceal & Define foundation has a doe-foot applicator, a large spongey thing that doesn't distribute massive amounts of product. There is also the issue of bacteria from the face going back into the foundation when you have an applicator like this, though I think it's kind of a non-issue personally.

L: Conceal & Hydrate R: Conceal & Define
Anyway, the new Revolution Conceal & Hydrate foundation has a pump!!! It works so much better, allowing you to just squirt some foundation onto the back of your hand, or onto your sponge/brush/face. Love it!


I find that the Conceal & Define is slightly thicker and less runny. Also, despite having the Conceal & Define in F3 and the Revolution Conceal & Hydrate foundation in F2, they are pretty much the exact same colour. Just something to bear in mind when you're trying to shade-match!

L: Conceal & Hydrate R: Conceal & Define

How it looks

For me personally, the Revolution Conceal & Hydrate foundation is thinner - I find I need a second layer on my cheeks, where I have a lot of scarring. This isn't really an issue, just something worth mentioning. It builds nicely, too. The Conceal & Define, however, is fine with just the one layer.

Conceal & Define
Conceal & Hydrate
In terms of longevity, I find they both last the same on my skin. I always use a primer (usually this one) and both last most of the day which is amazing. Of course, the Revolution Conceal & Hydrate foundation looks a lot more dewy - if you're wearing it in warm weather or to do any sort of activity then be warned that you will look like a sweaty mess!

The finer details

Both foundations retail for £9, and are cruelty free. Each comes in 50 different shades, and is available at Superdrug or on the Revolution Beauty website.

All in all, they are both lovely foundations. If you have normal to oily skin, the original Conceal & Define is probably spot on for you whereas if your skin is on the drier end of things, I'd recommend the Revolution Conceal & Hydrate foundation.

If you've tried either of these Revolution foundations, let me know which one is your favourite!

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  1. This has come at the perfect time I've just run out of my foundation!!!

  2. I think the hydrate would be the one for me!

  3. I definitely need to try these, I've just picked up the Revolution concealer after hearing my sisters rave about it!

    Gemma Louise

  4. I need a new concealer for winter so this has come at a great time for me!

  5. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about this, I need to get round to trying it.

  6. I want to try both of these but I'm leaning on the conceal and hydrate side since I loke my foundation to look more glowy x

    Joyce |