Tuesday 1 September 2020

Travel at home: Polish snack swap

I've pretty much ruled out any 2020 foreign travel as it stands, because everything is so up in the air and I just don't want to risk booking anything for it to be cancelled, plus I'm not sure if I'm ready to travel yet. Regardless, I still want to create travel-related content so in a bid to be creative, I reached out to the lovely Dominika from Into the Bloom who lives in Poland. We decided to set a budget and send each other some snacks from our home country. And oh did she deliver...

Savoury Polish food

My favourite crisps in the world are pizza monster munch, so I was thrilled to see a bag of them in here. These were closely followed by pizza bake rolls (I love pizza-flavoured snacks), so I was just buzzing. And then there were some paluzski, which are essentially salted pretzel sticks - these are really popular in Poland and incredibly tasty.

Polish sweets

Then it's on to sweet food - first up, a box of chocolate-dipped marshmallowy things from Wedel. Dominika says they're a love-hate thing, and I'm so excited to try them! Next I pulled out some Katarzynki, which is chocolate covered gingerbread, and four different chocolate covered wafer bars. These are another really popular snack to buy in the shops in Poland; from classic to coconut, they're just an all-round good time. There was some raspberry jaffa cakes in the box, and some fruity jelly sweets, and the Wedel karmel love chocolate WITH WAFER FLAKES. Game changer!!!! At the bottom of the box were some various Polish pick 'n' mix chocolates (including one with vodka in the centre) and a milk chocolate czeko tubka, which is pretty much just a squeezy tube of chocolate spread and therefore an incredibly good time.

Extra goodies

That wasn't everything, though! Dominika had popped in a spray toner and body scrub from my favourite Polish skincare brand, Ziaja, which I'm so excited to use. There was also a face mask from Eveline, so my pamper night is sorted. Last but absolutely not least, Dominika had sent me a notebook and pen with GdaƄsk on them - something to fuel my wanderlust as I'm getting some travel-writing notes down on paper!

And that's everything! I can't wait until next year when I can (hopefully) head back to Poland and eat all of these snacks again. A huge thank you to Dominika - I feel so spoilt, and so grateful. I hope you like your goodies too!


  1. Mouth watering mmmmmm.
    Love it Nigel xxx

  2. I really enjoyed picking out these bits for you, so I'm happy to hear you liked everything! Can't wait to see what you think once you've tried these!