Friday 21 August 2020

Citystop Apartments, Liverpool | review

I know there's a bit of a debate recently as to whether a staycation is simply "not leaving your house" or "holidaying in your own country", but frankly I don't care what the language police think - so here's some staycation chat for you. Earlier this week I went to stay at the Citystop Apartments on Bold Street in Liverpool - it's only about a 30 minute journey from my house, but Liverpool is a city I'll never get bored of with so much to do, see and explore. So if someone invites me to spend time over there, it's a yes from me. Citystop asked me to review their aparthotel and of course, I said yes. Without further ado, here are my thoughts...

Citystop Apartments

Liverpool is a city that is just waiting to be explored, and Citystop have apartments in 4 locations: Bold Street, Wood Street, Newington Street (where I stayed) and Trueman Street. These places offer easy access to the best of what the city has to offer - they are central, and close to a variety of public transport options too.

Being independently owned and operated, Citystop Apartments actively support local businesses. They have dog-friendly apartments available, so it's perfect for a UK break with your furry friend in tow, and with the city slowly reopening now is the perfect chance to visit Liverpool and book one of these fantastic apartments.

They are clean, modern and fresh with a complete kitchen, WiFi, a lounge area and bedroom with an en-suite. With a bed as well as a sofa bed, they comfortably sleep 4 people making them perfect for a mates trip or family getaway!

My experience

I arrived at the apartment just before 3; I'd had a message with the codes for the outer door, apartment door and WiFi meaning check-in was completely contactless - perfect for the current Covid-19 climate. There is no lift at the Newington Street apartments, so I climbed up the two flights of stairs to our apartment and let myself in with the code. The apartment was completely clean, really spacious and incredibly comfortable.

There was a huge desk, so I nipped back out to one of the newsagents on Bold Street for some ice cold pepsi then came back to get some work done at my laptop; one thing I noticed is that the apartment had plenty of plugs and USB charging ports! Then I read my book in bed for a bit (so comfy) before getting ready to go out.

The Newington Street apartments are so well-located; just off Bold Street, you're in a prime location when it comes to restaurants, bars and shops. We went to Wok to Walk for noodles - as it was a Tuesday in August, most places were full because of Eat Out to Help Out, but we managed to get a spot in here and grab some noodles. For two huge boxes of noodles, a beer & a coke I paid £10.65 which was amazing. 

We then walked up to the top of Bold Street to the bombed out church, where they've got a little beer garden going on, before walking round to the Dispensary for a few drinks and then heading along to Ghetto Golf in the Baltic. Everything was within easy walking distance of the apartment, and knowing it wouldn't be difficult to get back at the end of the night just made me feel so relaxed.

Being as the apartment windows looked out over Bold Street, not far from Concert Square, it was fairly loud and I didn't get much sleep - but we had the windows open because of the heat so if it was a cooler night, I think you'd be just fine!

All in all, I'd definitely recommend Citystop Apartments in Liverpool - they're fairly priced for such well-located apartments with great amenities.

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  1. This apartment sounds great and so central for everything you wanted to do! I'll definitely check these out in future x