Saturday 4 July 2020

Beauty empties: July 2020

While I'm still not wearing make up (other than brows and mascara, occasionally), I am getting through skincare and haircare products so I thought it was about time for another empties post! I love reading these, and I hope you do too. Without further ado, here are the beauty products I've used up recently...

Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Foam Conditioner

I only ever see this in Poundland on the odd occasion, and I haven't been in since pre-lockdown but I had this in my back-up haircare drawer. I actually really like this; it's SO lightweight, and while it's not the most hydrating conditioner I've ever tried, it's nice to use and does work!

Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerate Nourishment Serum-in-Oil

I'm always trying to reduce frizz, so I make sure to put some sort of product in my hair after washing it. I've just finished using this and I really liked it; nice small bottle, so handy for travelling (remember those days?) and did leave my hair feeling nice. Not the best frizz-buster, but not the worst either. You can't seem to buy it in many places any more but if you do see it, pick it up!

Herbal Essences Llamaste Shampoo

I finished the conditioner off last month (and have repurchased it), and this month I came to the end of the shampoo. I haven't repurchased this, because I'd been getting a bit of a flaky scalp so wanted something to sort that out, but I did enjoy using this and it smells amazing. I find most Herbal Essences shampoos to be pretty same-y, though...

Bath & Body Works Pocket Bacs

While washing your hands is SO important and cannot be forgotten about, using hand sanitiser while out and about has brought me some peace of mind during this pandemic. I've used up a few throughout lockdown, my favourite being the strawberry one. I love the Bath & Body Works PocketBacs; can't really get them in England, but I do always stock up in Poland!

Jimmy Choo Illicit Perfume*

I may not have been wearing make up, but the odd spritz of perfume here and there has made me feel better on more than a few occasions. Body spray just doesn't feel quite as glamorous, does it?! So I've come to the end of this gorgeous Jimmy Choo Illicit perfume which is sooooo lovely and grown up and also not too overpowering.

Tropic Skin Shade Factor 50 Sun Cream*

If there's one brand I love for suncream it's Tropic. It's more expensive than what you can pick up in the supermarket but it's better for your skin and the environment because it's mineral and full of oils and anti-oxidants. It doesn't clog your pores as much and it smells amazing!

There's all the skincare products I've used up during the past month or so of lockdown. Have you tried any of these?

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