Friday 15 May 2020

Beauty empties | May 2020

I love sharing my beauty empties on the blog, and even though we're in lockdown and I'm not getting remotely glammed up, I'm still using plenty of beauty products. Here are the ones I've finished recently...

IT Cosmetics Miracle Water*

I mentioned this in my IT Cosmetics top 3 post, and it's finally run out. I'm devastated! Genuinely this is one of the best skincare products I've ever tried - for cleansing, make up removal and just making your skin feel fresh. Expensive but ultimately very worth it. Treat yourself!

Imperial Leather No Drama Llama Shower Gel

I love llamas so when I saw this in Poundland before Christmas, I obviously picked it up. It smells like coconut and it's just your bog standard shower gel, really, in super cute packaging. A bargain as well, obviously. I have so much shower gel but would definitely repurchase this if necessary!

TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess Shampoo

This stuff is expensive but you can usually find it cheaper in Home Bargains or sites like Fragrance Direct. It smells amazing and left my hair feeling lovely but I'm not sure it really did anything in terms of prolonging my colour. It's a nice shampoo, jut maybe not worth the money if you want something amazing for colour-protection.

VO5 Frizz Free Cream*

My hair is really frizzy, and not in a cute way. This definitely tames frizz a bit if you run some through your hair when it's mostly dry - it's an affordable hair product that I think actually works, so I would absolutely repurchase this. Don't use too much or your hair will go sticky but it is fab!

Herbal Essences Llamaste Conditioner

This is an anti-frizz conditioner, and to be honest I only bought it (and the corresponding shampoo which I'm still using) because of the llama. It's a nice product and I have seen a little bit of frizz reduction, but nothing major. They were cheap and cheerful in Home Bargains, though, so I'd definitely repurchase. I think the llama thing is limited edition because I can't find it anywhere, but you can still buy the products as normal.

Garnier PureActive 3in1

This is a face wash, scrub and mask - I only ever use it as a mask, and only when my spots are raging which they have been recently. It's quite strong and rough but it definitely reduces redness and makes my skin look/feel a lot calmer. Plenty of moisturiser after using this, though! I would buy this again, but I have so many face masks. I like that it comes in a tube not a sachet though - much less wasteful.

Freshly Revitalising Body Scrub*

This is such a nice body scrub - it uses raspberry seeds and they aren't too rough but they really do exfoliate the skin. Plus it smells lovely, and Freshly are just a nice brand in general. It's taken me about 16 months to get through this, though, because I rarely use body scrubs... On that basis I probably wouldn't buy this, but I'd definitely buy other Freshly products!

I'm having loads of baths and pamper nights during lockdown, so no doubt there will be more beauty empties coming soon...

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  1. I've loved BedHead for years, I usually use the dumb blonde range as I find that works amazing on my hair. Anyway, as they were sold out of dumb blonde when I needed a new shampoo I decided to buy the colour goddess one and oh my god it smells AMAZING doesn't it!? I do agree with you on it not doing anything for coloured hair like it says it does. It also says oil infused as well, and I have noticed my hair needs washing more often since using it so it could be why xx

    Megan Elizabeth