Sunday 17 May 2020

Creative writing | May 2020

I am absolutely amazed that I've managed to publish a monthly piece of creative writing on here consistently since March. But hey! I'm enjoying finding time to write again, though I'd probably give up my entire ability to write poetry if it meant I could see my friends and go to the pub and get my eyebrows done and hug my nephew. Alas, not yet. So for now here's my third piece of 'pandemic poetry'. I would love to know what you think, as always.

Lemon Juice Dreams: Pandemic Poetry #3

On the 1st day we kept a stiff upper lip and drew
our breaths and made lists of all the
things and people we would miss,

and on the 6th day we drank wine at 10am,
cried to 90s pop songs and argued about
whether chocolate chips belong in banana bread,

and on the 14th day we kissed our parents
via phone screens and watched re-runs of Red
Dwarf and counted down until it was bed time.

On the 18th day we jogged down empty 
roads under thick black clouds not caring if
it rained, shoes carving blisters into our ankles,

and on the 22nd day we tried and failed to
remember the shape of our best friends’ faces
as they laughed at our failed jokes but

we couldn’t quite picture the contours correctly.
On the 27th day we squeezed bitter fruit and
barely noticed as the acid seeped into the

broken skin around our finger nails. On the 32nd
day we saw the sunshine again and drank
margaritas in back gardens and went to

sleep with red noses, and on the 39th day we 
ached for normality: midday football games
and the choking smell of vinegar in the chip shop.

On the 43rd day we wondered just how many
days would be left: would we still see each other
in dreams, or just the shapes of all we left behind?


  1. I love this especially the last paragraph, I've related to it so much in the past week! Thanks for sharing your creative writing I love reading it x

  2. This is so so beautiful, depicting life at the moment perfectly 💖

  3. This is beautiful! You're a total natural xx

  4. Okay so this just about made me cry. Honestly, your poetry is brilliant but this is my favourite piece so far. So strange when you really consider that EVERYONE is going through this just now. Sending love x

  5. Its so beautiful - very good!

  6. I'm literally gonna say this everytime I read one of your creative writing pieces. Amazing! I wish I was this good at creative writing. Also, never get nervous before sharing your poetry - honestly, you're amazing at it! x

    Megan Elizabeth

  7. This is lovely! Well done for sharing online :)

    I'm missing my partner loads, so that last paragraph resonated with me. I have seen him for brief moments but he is working in a hospital down south so it is even harder to see him at the moment.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  8. ah this is so lovely, thank you so much for sharing!