Friday 1 May 2020

April 2020: the round up

Well would you look at that - we're still in lockdown, so I haven't got much of a round up to share. I can't wait until life is back to normal and we can all get back to doing the things we love and holding our friends & family close to us. Anyway, I did still want to post a monthly round up so without further ado...

I've been reading loads of books while we've been in lockdown, and I love to read so that's definitely a good thing. I always post my 'recent reads' on here so if you fancy it, you can have a look at what I've been reading and what I thought of them! The best books I've read this month are No Big Deal by Bethany Rutter and Messy, Wonderful Us by Catherine Isaac.

I wanted to watch some films during lockdown, but I haven't quite got round to it. TV series on the other hand - I've watched loads. Since getting Disney+ (see my recommendations here) I've watched the entirety of Girl Meets World, and then I watched Press on Netflix as well as watching episodes of the Vicar of Dibley and the new series of Friday Night Dinner. I've also re-watched Feel Good, and started a show on Prime called 'Please Like Me', which I'm loving.

One great thing that happened in April was the #youtubers4NHSheroes campaign, started by Saffron Barker. On April 11th, loads of YouTubers uploaded videos & all of the ad revenue from that video will go to the NHS charities. While I firmly believe that the NHS is not a charity and correct government funding would go a long way to making things better, this is a great way to feel like you're making a difference from your bedroom. I stayed in bed all morning and watched loads of my favourite creators' videos without skipping the ads, and a few more pennies went to the NHS charities because of that. How nice is that?

I hosted a fantastic family quiz on Zoom, and I even wore a bow tie. We've then carried it on weekly with different hosts, and it was a lot of fun! I hate video calling but you know, needs must. It's a great way of connecting with your loved ones at this trying time. My household has also been loving the #virtualpubquiz on Thursday nights, which we follow up with a Spotify sharing session. Such a lovely way to spend the evening!

The one time I did my eyebrows in April x
Thankfully, I picked up a new freelance client during April which was amazing - it's just a little weight off my shoulders to have some extra money coming in while I'm out of work in terms of my other job.

I also posted a new poem during April - that's two months in a row I've actually shared some of my creative writing on here! Will we make it three?! Stay tuned to find out - and do have a read of April's poem, because it's short and sweet and hopeful. Also related to writing, I attended a virtual lunch with my favourite author (Sophie Hannah, you'll find loads about her books on here) organised by Gliterary Lunches; it was so fun and definitely a nice way to spend an hour.

So all in all, April's been a strange little month - we're in lockdown for the foreseeable future, and I for one can't wait until things start returning to "normal". Hope you're keeping well during these crazy crazy times!


  1. I actually just bought Messy, Wonderful Us on Kindle after reading your recommendation - I'm really looking forward to starting it! I also loved Friday Night Dinner, so sad it's over. Congrats on the new client! That's great news. And I have my fingers crossed for more of your poetry/creative writing this month - you're very talented!

  2. Ah I need to download Messy Wonderful Us, I'm gonna do it now xx

  3. Haven't heard of Messy Wonderful Us, but it sounds incredible x

  4. We are doing some family quizzes too, they're quite fun. We set little challenges as well, this week we have to make our own face mask and wear it on the next zoom chat.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  5. Messy wonderful us is a book I've heard so much about - I really might have to invest! Congrats on your new client too! X

  6. It's been an odd month hasn't it! I've been reading so much and loving it :)

  7. April was such a strange month - Hell, May has been wild too!

  8. April was an extremely weird month, I'm glad things are looking up now!

    Gemma Louise