Friday 17 April 2020

Creative writing | April 2020

Being stuck at home really has got me writing again, and I'm so pleased about that. Here's a little poem I wrote earlier this week...

Perseverance: Pandemic Poetry #2

while we still have pink morning skies
and dew drops drizzled on garden grass
like sweet molten amber as the city rolls
over and wakes up, and while the
orange-belted bumblebee still hovers
among the purple aubrieta in the park
on a sun-warmed afternoon in April,
and while the breeze blows velvety
blossom petals onto your sleeve as
you turn the corner into the cool
embrace of evening, and while the
stars dance in and out of rolling
clouds that hang full of tomorrow’s

we can keep going.

The title is a work in progress, but I find titling my poetry *really* difficult sometimes. Do any other poets have this issue?! Let me know. Hope you enjoyed this little poem regardless, and that you're staying home & staying safe.


  1. You're so good at writing! I'd never been very good at creative writing. This one makes me feel warm inside and makes me look forward to Summer months x x

    Megan Elizabeth

  2. Ah this is beautiful! I love posts like this xx

  3. You are such a talented writer! Such a beautiful piece of work!

  4. This is beautiful! So pretty.

  5. Lovely! I don't often see people writing poems anymore, it is nice to see.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  6. Love this poem! I'm using this time to try to write, too!

    MB |

  7. Oh I love this, this is so hopeful and motivating. Thank you for capturing the small things that make everything worthwhile! x

  8. I really enjoy reading your creative writing - the pandemic period is the perfect time to get creative. Thanks for sharing x