Monday 2 March 2020

Urbanista Bold Street | hotel review

February is a bit of a boring month, isn't it? Other than the annual argument over whether Valentine's Day should actually be celebrated or whether it's just a manufactured holiday for card shops to make extra profit (and a bit of excitement every four years when a leap year happens) it's just a bit naff. So I decided to plan something to look forward to, and dragged three of my gal pals to Urbanista, Liverpool's newest boutique hotel. They kindly gifted us a night's stay, and we had a ball.

Urbanista, Liverpool - a background

The hotel is a boutique style hotel on Bold Street in Liverpool. You can find it above Slim's, and the entrance is round the back opposite FACT. It is bright and lovely and situated in one of the best area's in the city, full of restaurants, bars and shops. The hotel currently has rooms that sleep 2, 4 or 6 people so it's ideal for romantic getaways, somewhere to base yourself if you're going on a night out or for a night in with your friends.

The Secret Garden Suite at Urbanista, Liverpool

I was first to arrive, and the receptionist showed me to our room. We were in the amazing Secret Garden Suite which has its own corridor, two bathrooms, an outside space and three huge double beds as well as a TV, heaters, wardrobe, mini fridge, chairs and a dressing area space.

Everything was lovely and clean - it's all grey and white, which is a very *in* aesthetic, and I loved it. The carpet was sooooo soft and the beds were firm but super comfortable. I couldn't work out the TV and the signal was naff, but the outside area is stunning so we were able to take plenty of cute photos. There's a flower wall and beautiful artwork, as well as a table & bar stools so when the weather gets warmer it'll be ideal to sit outside with a G&T.

The bathrooms were nice and spacious, although with no door on the shower everything got soaked. We got into our (matching) PJs from Figleaves*, ordered some food from Crust across the road and settled in to play Cards Against Humanity. It was genuinely such a lovely night and a really cosy setting for it - I'd definitely stay here again and would recommend Urbanista, Liverpool if you're looking for somewhere chic for a hen do or someone's birthday!

Breakfast at Urbanista, Liverpool

As the hotel is above Slim's, they have partnered with the restaurant to offer breakfast. We were soooo excited and as we had woken up on Pancake Day, we all planned to get pancakes for breakfast as the ones from Slim's looked amazing on their Instagram.

So we packed up, got ready, checked out and walked around to Slim's for our breakfast. You just need to tell the waiter that you are a hotel guest and you'll get your breakfast, which we thought was fantastic. But we were wrong - the breakfast that's included (and by included I mean that you have paid extra for as part of your hotel booking) is a choice of three items. These are oatmeal, yoghurt & fruit or American cereal. And a coffee. Not one thing that I would eat, and you're not allowed to pay the difference and get something else. I think it's a real shame and something that really dampened our experience - it isn't made clear when booking that the options are so few, and I would recommend not adding breakfast to your booking. Still go to Slim's if you fancy it, because it's lovely, but you may as well just go and be able to choose whatever you want!

My overall thoughts

Generally, I loved the hotel. There are a few niggly bits like the breakfast situation, and the lack of bin in the room, but overall we had a fantastic time and it's a lovely place to stay!


  1. The food looks amazing and I love the aesthetic of the hotel.

    Joyce |

  2. Shame the breakfast wasn't great but the hotel itself looks lovely! x

  3. This place looks so lush!! How gorgeous is that wall! xx

  4. Oh wow that food looks incredible! I love nothing more than a night away!

  5. Oh I loooove the look of that bed! Looks so big and comfy!

    Gemma Louise

  6. The room looks lovely, so it's such a shame about the breakfast situation! So weird of them to do that. x