Wednesday 4 March 2020

Vienna day 3 | January 2020

22nd January 2020 | 14,296 steps

Our third day in Vienna and the final day of our holiday was really about one thing and one thing only: seeing The Kiss, by Gustav Klimt. I was so excited, and the lovely team from Vienna Sightseeing had #gifted us some tickets for the Hop On Hop Off City Tour which was amazing. So we got the train to Westbahnhof Station, where you can actually get on the yellow route bus just across the road.

I love a Hop On Hop Off bus, and this was no exception - you get a map and some headphones, with loads of information coming through the audio as you travel. You get to see the suburbs and some of the best tourist attractions, and it's such a great (and affordable) way of ticking a lot off. I had chosen the yellow route first so we could get off at the Belvedere Palace, and we got to see some gorgeous stuff on the way. We had the classic tickets, valid for 24 hours on the red, yellow & blue lines. This also includes a free walking tour; the other two tickets, royal and imperial, allow you access the green line, a night tour and/or the ring tram and/or a boat tour - it is all explained on the Vienna Sightseeing website, where you can purchase online for a 10% discount.

When we got off, we paid around €18 each to get into the gallery which included seeing The Kiss and some other Klimt pieces. Expensive, sure - but worth every single cent because it truly took my breath away to see my favourite piece of art up close. Like, really close. There is loads of other nice pieces and the grounds/building are spectacular too. Highly recommend!

We then walked for a while in search of McDonalds, because we misread the signpost and thought it was just a few minutes walk away - which it was, if you were travelling by car. Tragically we were walking and it took ages, but we got there and filled up on food. I try and travel on a budget, and Vienna is expensive hence why I'm not too snobby to eat foreign fast food after spending nearly £40 on tickets to see the world's best painting.

Anyway, we decided to jump on the tram back to near the Kunst Haus Wien - we wanted to see this, and knew we could pick up the blue route of the Hop On Hop Off bus here. The house is soooo cool; you can go in, and it's an art gallery, but we were happy to get some snaps outside and then make our way to the bus stop. When we picked up the bus again, we were heading towards the Danube which was really exciting for us.

But we decided to stop a bit earlier than that, at Wiener Prater. Here we got to ride the Prater Wheel, featured in various films such as The Third Man and a James Bond movie too. It cost a whole €12 each to ride but the views and phenomenal and it was a sick experience. We had time to get some photos, ride the wheel and go for a wee before the next bus came along so it's really well timed if you are using the Hop On Hop Off bus system!

We stayed on the bus for a bit after that, getting to see the lovely Danube River and the verrrrry high Danube Tower - I really wanted to get off the bus & go up it but we decide against it in the end, getting off to admire the river for a while. Then we got the train back into town for a few drinks and finished off our trip with dinner at the Hard Rock Café.

And that's a wrap on our January 2020 trip to Prague and Vienna. Thanks for reading! I'll have some more travel content coming soon so keep your eyes peeled...


  1. Vienna is so beautiful! I love going to Mcdonald's in a different country there menu is different haha x

    Joyce |

  2. What an amazing trip that you got to see your favourite piece of art up close. Also, anyone who judges others for having McDonald's in a different country needs to look at themselves haha! x

  3. I'm so jealous of your trip! This is definitely on my wishlist to visit! xx

  4. You look so happy! I love seeing pictures from trips!

  5. I would absoluely looooove to go to Vienna!

  6. Gosh those houses look incredible don't they.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  7. Ahh, your photos are making me miss Vienna so much. I didn't go see The Kiss and I regret it so much - but it's an excuse to go back after lockdown ends! x