Monday 30 March 2020

15 things I'm looking forward to after the lockdown ends

Lockdown is just so boring isn't it? So mentally draining - who would have thought that doing nothing could be so exhausting and so stressful? But it is, and everything is a bit 'doom and gloom' right now so I thought I'd try and share something positive. So without further ado, here are 15 things I'm looking forward to after lockdown...

✨Getting my brows done - they were booked in a couple of weeks ago and I had to cancel them, so I really can't wait for this one...
✨That first ice cold pint of dark fruits in my local when we're re-open
✨Snogging all my friends faces off without fear of infecting anyone
✨Going for a mooch around Poundland, Home Bargains and B&M for no reason
Booking a holiday and knowing it'll go ahead - the travel itch is real right now
✨Freelance work picking up again
Eating out somewhere nice for tea
✨Watching the football (in the pub with another pint of dark fruits)
✨Hearing my nephew tell me a rubbish joke
✨Seeing all my postponed plans get rearranged
✨Taking a break from watching the news every day
✨Seeing my screen time report decrease slightly
✨Being back behind the bar
✨Popping to the shop without feeling judged
✨Having soft hands again

Just a quick tongue-in-cheek post to share something more light hearted! What are YOU looking forward to when all this is over? I really, really hope it's soon.


  1. Girl I was literally going to write a very similar post today about all the things I wanna do when this is over! Love your list. Booking a holiday is WAYYY up there! x

  2. The sound of that ice cold dark fruits sounds so good right now x

  3. I cannot wait to squeeze my parents so much xx

  4. COFFEE AND CAKE AT COSTA. All my brain can think about lol

  5. Oh gosh yes, I am picking my phone up every 2 minutes it feels like.

    Amy x The July Rose

  6. I am so with you on this!! I cannot wait to see my family, I have never know missing them like this before!

  7. Omg I cannot wait for footy to start again!! I've never wanted to be locked down in the Caribbean so bad in my life haha x

    Megan Elizabeth

  8. I'm looking forward to going into Homesense and spending all my money haha!

    Gemma Louise

  9. I love this, and relate so much to so many! The B&M withdrawals are real, dunno why I spend so much time there but I can't wait till it's properly safe to go back. Also travelling! Really missing going for an adventure somewhere new. Can't wait till I can do that again.