Sunday 29 December 2019

Szczecin, Poland | day one

Monday 16 December - 14,221 steps

Our first day in Szczecin was a Monday and we woke up a bit later than expected - we'd been to a bar on the Sunday night and decided to treat ourselves to a lie in. Our Airbnb was really well-located, directly opposite the Philharmonic, and there was a lovely cafe on the same street where we went for breakfast. There's a "where we ate and drank in Szczecin" post coming soon!

After filling up on a bit of breakfast (and a fro-yo) we headed to the shopping mall, Galeria Kaskada, because Holly had forgotten to pack her scarf. There's loads of clothing shops in there, as well as a food court and tech shops and the Polish equivalent of Superdrug. If you want to do a bit of shopping while you're in Szczecin, I'd recommend!

Our plan was to walk half of the city's "red route" - a literal red line painted around the city, marking all the best landmarks. So we set off to do so, starting with the castle which was just a couple of minutes walk from our apartment. It looked beautiful, and it was cool to see the astronomical clock too! We carried on along the red route, but it soon became apparent that most places are closed on Mondays. Definitely something worth bearing in mind if you're planning a trip to Szczecin... We went into a lovely church, saw the old post office and spotted some cool street art. The red route is definitely a great way to make sure you see all the best bits of Szczecin! We managed to do a fair bit of it in one day, because we didn't really get to stop and explore many of the places on the map...

For lunch we had our first ever pierogi, and then we headed back to the area where our apartment was. We had one thing in mind: the Be Happy museum, otherwise known as the 'selfie museum'. It's a series of themed rooms that are perfect for taking selfies and fun photos: giant donuts, a ball pool, Barbie boxes, an upside-down optical illusion room and so on. It was genuinely SO much fun and one of the best things Szczecin has to offer. Absolutely top notch. Would recommend.

After our photo spree, we wandered through the city's Christmas market which was small but lovely. We both got some Belgian fries with Andalouse sauce, a throwback to the time we went to Brussels together, and Holly had some mulled wine. Then it was time to go back to our apartment as we were up bright and early (4am) for a day trip to Berlin. Of course, being us, we popped into a nearby bar for one pint. And the rest.

There will be no 'day two' post, as the second day of our trip was spent in Berlin. Tune in soon for days three and four, though! Thanks for reading...


  1. Oh my God I love the look of the Be Happy museum! x


  2. I would definitely like to visit Szczecin one day - the Be Happy museum looks right up my street! Can't wait to read the rest of your posts x

  3. The Belgian fries sound gorgeeee, I love trying new foods in other countries!

    Gemma Louise

  4. I'm going to Poland in May and I cannot wait!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. I would have definitely had to get some mulled wine too! The fries look so delicious too x

  6. Aww I'm glad I waited to read this as it now feels ages ago! I had the best time. Here to many more adventures 😊 xx

  7. The Be Happy museum looks SO much fun! You got some great photos in there. Those Belgian fries look incredible too.
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  8. Who knew you could get such amazing 'gram shots in Poland?! It looks and sounds like you had the best time, I'd love to visit sometime.
    Soph - x

  9. Always love reading your travel diaries!