Thursday 26 December 2019

A look back at the last decade

As we count down the days to a brand new decade, I thought it would be a good time to look back at everything I've done, achieved and been through during this one. I was 14 year old emo kid at the beginning of 2010, and I'll see in 2020 as a 24 year old slightly-less-emo woman. Here's what I've been up to, then...

🤓Got my GCSEs, A Levels, bachelors degree AND a masters. Passed them all with flying colours except for the masters which I passed with barely any colours because it was the hardest thing I've ever done and absolutely not worth the extra 10 grand student debt.

💸Had various jobs: from working in a kid's play area to serving in a cafe, pulling pints and working in the third sector I've done a few different things. Currently I still pull pints, but I'm now also a freelance content writer and social media manager. So I'm kind of using my degree, which is a bonus.

💻Started this little blog of mine. Kept going with it, and grabbed every opportunity with both hands - I've worked with international companies, been invited to festivals and gigs and launch parties, organised events for local bloggers and never stopped writing.

🌈Went on an absolute journey with my sexuality, finally settling on the notion that I'm probably bisexual but really who needs labels anyway? I've had girlfriends and boyfriends, great relationships and shitty relationships, fun times and bad dates. You learn from it all, and you find your feet eventually.

🌠Lost people who meant a lot to me. My grandad passed away, and I miss him every single day; I drifted from friends who I thought would always be solid, and downright had to cut people out because of their awful attitudes.

✈️Travelled around Europe extensively. I've been to Poland 10 times in the past decade, as well as Latvia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain, Belgium and more. I feel so incredibly lucky to have Europe on my doorstep, and to have the money and opportunity to visit these fantastic countries and cities.

⚓️Suffered with my mental health. Throughout university, a time that I do look back on fondly, I was also incredibly depressed. I would just stay in bed and cry, hurt myself and argue with everyone around me. I slept a lot and didn't look after myself but I fought so hard to get my head back above the water - and, with the help of antidepressants and a strong support network, I came through it.

🍒Found my people. I don't mean that in a weird, cult kind of way but honestly, looking at the people I've got in my life right now, I couldn't not mention it. I've been incredibly blessed with some amazing friends/my boyfriend, my nephew and my goddaughter, and a really truly lovely family who I have grown up to appreciate more than I ever thought I would.

So, yeah, I've done a lot this past decade. They're the big things - I've also got loads of tattoos, made new friends, been to gigs, discovered new bands, reads hundreds of books, tried new foods, watched some films, written loads of poems and drank a ridiculous amount of Pepsi. Here's to 2020 and beyond!


  1. It's been quite a decade hasn't it? I wouldn't even know where to start with looking back on mine - love a bit of nostalgia though!x


  2. Everyone has their ups and downs, but it sounds like you had a great decade overall and achieved many amazing things. Here's to even more trips and happy moments in the next ten years!

  3. You look like you've done a lot!! :D I love looking back!

  4. It's mad to think how much we get up to in a decade when we round it all up!

    Gemma Louise

  5. Such incredible photos! They all look so good!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  6. I love that you've travelled so much I really wish that I would have done the same! I know what you mean about using your degree as I don't feel like I'm using mine enough x

  7. You have had an amazing ten years by all accounts! Here's to the next ten! :)

    Happy New Year!

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  8. I love when people share a lookback over the last few years! You've achieved a lot and even though there have been some tough times, it looks like you've had some really positive highs too. Wishing you much more of those during the 20s!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  9. I can't believe that we're in a brand new decade! It's crazy what can happen in 10 years- Happy New Year lovely.
    Soph - x

  10. I can't believe how much you've travelled in a decade! I'd love to be able to do that! x

    Megan Elizabeth

  11. GAL! What an epic change, you'd done so much and travelled so much too! x