Saturday 11 May 2019

Sephora Purple Clay Mask | review

If I ever want to feel as though I'm being a bit more bougie with my skincare, then I do a face mask. It really is that simple for me, and I have a massive stash of face masks in my skincare collection so I can pretty much treat myself (or my skin) whenever I want - and my current go-to is the Sephora Purple Clay Mask, which I picked up in Palma.

Sephora Clay Mask collection

Sephora actually have quite a few clay masks in a variety of colours, each offering something different to your skin. The purple one 'moisturises and soothes' which is why I bought it, because I have dry skin that's easily aggravated. There's a further six in the collection, and they each retail for around £5 (from what I can work out based on the Australian Sephora website which is the only one I can access in the English language). They say '4 uses' on the front, which isn't too bad for a fiver, but honestly I've used mine at least 7 times and there's still more left in the tube so personally, I think the price is spot on.

Sephora Purple Clay Mask - my experience

As I said, I opted for the purple mask as it seemed to be the one that suited my skin type best; and honestly, I love it. My skin is dry and quite red in parts, but the steroid cream I use to keep that at bay means I also have some oily patches. This mask seems to know exactly what each bit of my face needs, and sorts it right out. It doesn't sting or burn, and while it does take ages to dry that just means you have to extend your pamper session! Seriously though, even if I don't let it dry completely I still find that it works wonders for my skin. I'm left with a face that's soft and plump and not at all tight or dry, and really this mask is just an all-round bargain winner - if you can get to a Sephora then definitely pick one up; I'm currently in GdaƄsk and there is definitely a Sephora here (I googled it) and I think I'm going to get the yellow one this time, which revitalises and tones. So that's that on the Sephora Purple Clay Mask which, as you can tell, I love...

Have you tried any of the Sephora own brand clay masks? If so, which colour was your favourite?

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