Friday 19 April 2019

AD | Yankee Candle Sunday Brunch with Candles Direct

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Like most millennials, I love a good scented candle - and it's no secret that Yankee Candle are everyone's favourite brand. They've recently released their new Sunday Brunch collection, and I've teamed up with Candles Direct to tell you aaaaallll about it...

Yankee Candle Sunday Brunch collection

There are 8 different scents in the collection - four foodie scents and four floral scents. The foodie ones are Belgian Waffle, Grilled Peaches & Vanilla, Honey Lavender Gelato, and White Strawberry Bellini, and the floral scents are Floral Candy, Blush Bouquet, Market Blossoms and Sweet Morning Rose. All of the scents are available as wax melts, votives, and small/medium/large jars. So, onto the most important part - are they any good?

The floral scents

Floral Candy* reminds me of sugared almonds and sweet Spring flowers, and it's lovely - so fresh and just the epitome of a sunny weekend morning! While floral scents are never my personal go-to, I really like this one so if you are a floral lover, you'll LOVE it. 6.5/10

Sweet Morning Rose* is actually my least favourite of the collection, but it's still not completely awful which I think says a lot. I usually hate the smell of rose but I can just about deal with this one, as it has hints of pear, lily and musk too. It's much less cloying than your typical rose scent, so I think it's one that a lot of people will enjoy. 5/10

Blush Bouquet* is pink and therefore will look amazing in my office, and it smells lovely too - it's very floral, but it reminds me of grown-up perfume which makes sense as it has notes of amber, which is a really mature scent if you ask me. It also has cherry blossom and other flowers in the mix, and it's genuinely really lovely - perfect if you're hosting brunch for your favourite gal pals. 8/10

I actually haven't had the chance to sniff Market Blossoms yet, but apparently it contains notes of berries, apples and patchouli so I can imagine it being sweet and fruity and absolutely bloody lovely. I'll update this post if I manage to pop into a Yankee store any time soon!

The foodie scents

White Strawberry Bellini* smells like strawberry, obviously, but not in that sickly fake way that strawberry-scented things usually do. It's subtle, and mixed with notes of champagne, sugar, and other fruits. Truly an absolute delight! 8/10

Grilled Peaches & Vanilla* is, you guessed it, peach scented - but again it's subtle, and you can smell brown sugar and and sweet honey too. I like that there are so many different scent notes (in all of the candles, not just this one) because it makes for a less overwhelming experience. 7/10

Honey Lavender Gelato* smells very lavender-y which is a dream for me because lavender has been one of my favourite scents since I was little. This also has notes of blackberry, which you can definitely smell - they make it sharper, which is cool, and the honey adds sweetness. This is 100% one of my favourites from the collection. 9.5/10

Belgian Waffle is my ultimate favourite from the whole Yankee Candle Sunday Brunch collection - I actually already owned this one before Candles Direct reached out to me, and I love it. Really it's just dessert in a candle - cinnamon, vanilla, sugary perfection. 10/10

All in all, I'm a big fan of the collection as I'm sure you can tell - Yankee Candles might be a little more pricey than your average candle but the scents really carry, and the burn time is long enough that it's so worth it. Make sure you check out Candles Direct to pick up the Yankee Candle Sunday Brunch collection, or any of their other scents!

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