Saturday 9 February 2019

Are airport lounges worth the money?

As a budget traveller, airport lounges aren't something I use often - but with that being said, I have done so before. The first time was when I was much younger, going on a cruise with my aunty and uncle, and I drank about 6 cans of Red Bull just because it was complimentary. Ouch. Anyway, I briefly mentioned this in day one of my Warsaw travel diary series, but the lovely people at Manchester Airport invited me to check out the 1903 Lounge in Terminal 3 and I thought I'd do a whole post about whether it's worth it or not.

are airport lounges worth it?

The 1903 Lounge at Manchester Airport is labelled as 'the perfect adults only retreat from the crowds' and that's the best way to describe it. It costs £35 when booked in advance, which is really easy to do online, and you can spend two hours in there before your flight. All food and drink is complimentary, and wow... we were there quite early in the morning, so it was breakfast time, and there was loads of choice when it came to food. I had sausages and tiny hash browns, and a croissant and some bread & butter, but there was other pastries to choose from and bacon, beans, mushrooms etc as well as tea, coffee and juice. There was also a fully stocked bar, so I opted for a Magners cider - there was wine, beer and loads of spirits on offer too as well as water and soft drinks. With so much choice and the ability to go back as many times as you want, it's absolutely spot on.

1903 lounge at manchester airport

You're also guaranteed somewhere comfortable to sit down and relax, whereas the public areas of the airport are so full of people that it can be a nightmare just trying to find somewhere to park your bum. The 1903 Lounge has free wifi as well as printing facilities and charging ports, and you also get free fast-track security which means you get through quicker. I honestly think for £35, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck.

1903 airport lounge manchester

The 1903 Lounge has such a relaxed atmosphere, there's sweets and magazines and it's warm, with lovely staff and big floor to ceiling windows. I'd definitely recommend it, especially for special occasion holidays or even if you just fancy a treat and you've not spent loads on flights in the first place. So, are airport lounges worth the money? I reckon they bloody well are, and I can't recommend the 1903 Lounge enough. Click here to book.

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