Monday 11 February 2019

Five recent reads | feb19

I'm aiming to read 50 books in 2019 which is ambitious at best, but fingers crossed - I've started a thread on Twitter to briefly share the books I've read, but I also wanted to continue my 'recent reads' blog posts because they're fun to write and I can say a bit more. So without further ado, here's my five most recent reads.

While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green is one I actually read at the end of 2018, another psychological thriller that I really enjoyed. It's about a little girl that goes missing and switches between the family/the search, and the person who's taken her. It's a fascinating read and while there's  no massive twist, it was a really enjoyable book. click here to buy

My first book of 2019 was What Alice Knew by T. A. Cottrell which is beautifully written, almost poetic in places, and has such a clever storyline that really makes you think - I enjoyed this a lot and I think it's the kind of book that will stick with you for a bit if you read it. Would definitely recommend! click here to buy

Next up was She's Not There by Joy Fielding which I didn't love - it's about a kid going missing from holiday resort while the parents are having dinner with their mates (familiar, right?) and the parallels with the actual McCann case felt really jarring, as if this was just a fictional version of that but set in Mexico. It's been years since the little girl in this book went missing, and someone comes forward saying she thinks she's the missing girl - but is she? click here to buy

Book number 3 of 2019 was Lisa Jewell's The Girls which, predictably, I loved - she's one of my favourite authors at the moment and this one didn't disappoint. It's not the best of all of her books, in my opinion, but it's still brilliant. It's set in London, at this communal garden that is surrounded by houses and flats filled with families of all different kinds; Clare and her two daughters have recently moved in, and through them we learn about all the goings-on of the garden including the Big Plot Point of the book... click here to buy

My fourth read of this year so far and the last for this blog post was The Light Between Us by Katie Khan - I featured her book Hold Back The Stars in a previous recent reads post and I was so eager to read this one. It's about time travel and science and stuff like that, but also about love and friendship and how the line between the two can so easily be blurred - it's a beautiful book and if you want a love story that's very different from your average, this is the book for you. click here to buy

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