Friday 14 April 2017

TONYMOLY Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion // Review

Sam's aunty gave us an Amazon gift voucher for an engagement present, and we decided what we probably needed was more make up and some pop tarts. One of the make up products we went for was the Cutest Foundation In The World Ever or as it's better known, the Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion by TONYMOLY. This set us back £11.69 and came with free UK delivery - it took ages to come but boy was it (sort of) worth it.

As if the outer packaging isn't cute enough, the little flat sponge thing that comes with it looks like a Pokeball???????????? Amazing. The sponge didn't work out great when it came to applying it, so I used a blending sponge instead, but it looks cool AF.

I used the Cover FX Calming Primer, a bit of concealer then applied this stuff. I wasn't expecting it to be as full coverage as it was, but it really did an amazing job of covering all my spots, redness etc. Some bits needed an extra layer, but I probably could have got away without that, to be fair. Other products blended nicely on top of it, and I think it looked really nice.

bathroom lighting / with flash / daylight
Fast forward about 7 hours and it didn't look that nice - it had clung to every dry patch around my eyes, and mostly rubbed off on my forehead. And it's not like I'd been doing a sweaty pub shift or even been outside for ages, I'd only been at the cinema (we got Infinity cards and celebrated with two films in one night, big deal). So I was a bit disappointed, to be honest - I feel as though I can only really wear this for a couple of hours, or it'll just end up looking gross.

In fairness, my skin is pretty crap right now: but I wouldn't recommend this if you have dry skin. I'm gonna give it a go with a different primer when my skin is less dry/flaky/red, and I'll try and update this post if I remember. But for now? This was a bit of a let down, even if the packaging is cute AF.

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