Thursday 13 April 2017

Spring fashion wishlist

Even though the weather doesn't seem to know what to do with itself, we do seem to be heading firmly into Spring and I'm sooooo excited for Spring clothes - so here's a little wishlist of what I've got my eye on right now.

This black dress is from Boohoo - I'm so into the cut out choker dress thing, and I've always been a fan of band/slogan tees so this dress is perfect for me. I also think it would look adorable with these rose gold glittery slip ons from New Look. These kind of shoes are so comfy and so easy to wear, plus who doesn't love a bit of rose gold glitter? I saw Gabbie from Velvetgh0st wearing a hoody similar to this and immediately wanted it - the website (UO) says it's orange but it's definitely yellow, and it doesn't get more 'Spring' than yellow!

These grey Nicce leggings are available at Get The Label which is fab if you want designer/sports labels on a budget; these are less than a tenner on there and the RRP is nearly 40 quid. Anyway, I wear my Ellesse leggings to death so a change would be nice, and these are so cute. This handbag is from Primark, and I love the muted nude shades - so Spring, and pom poms are a firm fave. Last but not least is this ASOS Pink Floyd t-shirt dress which is just wonderful in so so so many ways and I want it so much.

What Spring fashion bits have you been lusting over?

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