Sunday 16 April 2017

Skincare Haulin'

Recently, I've got my hands on a load of skincare bits - from shopping to goody bags to PR samples, my skincare collection has definitely grown a bit!

You may remember a few months ago I filmed a vid with Superdrug, and then the digital marketing agency they had outsourced to royally f*cked us all over when it came to payment - being the Brit that I am, I complained to Superdrug themselves, just so they were aware of the issues surrounding the company. Anyway, I truly wasn't expecting anything more than a "thanks for getting in touch" email but they sent me some presents to say sorry, which they didn't have to do at all. Inside was some skincare bits: two serums from Nip+Fab, and the moisturising day cream from Superdrug's own Vitamin E range which I love. I've never tried anything from Nip+Fab before, other than a primer which I hated, so I'm excited to try these!

In our #CarnLIVal goody bags there was a few skincare bits, too: a facial oil from Argan+ (and I'm a big fan of facial oils) and some face masks from Anatomicals and Oh K! - the sheet mask looks like a panda when you wear it, too, and there's some cute photos of people wearing it on the #CarnLIVal Twitter hashtag! I can't wait to try my bits out, so keep your eyes peeled for some reviews. We also had HealthPoint LTD come along to the event, and they gave us all some products too - I ended up with a night cream and an anti-wrinkle cream. These smell like Dove products and they seem really nice so far, but I'll be doing a full review in a few weeks time. I also got an eye cream and their mascara which I'm so down to try - I'm thinking I might do a full face of first impressions on my YouTube channel, but I'm as yet undecided!

I've also got some other random bits - a serum from B. and some suncream* from Tropic which I'll be taking with me on our next adventure (Porto in June), and a Burts Bees cleanser which came in a Betty Box. Sam also got me another Garnier gel cleansing wash thing, which is about the 5th one we own; I'm going to do a video comparing them all ASAP!

If there's anything you particularly want a review of, let me know and I'll do it!

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